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5 Ways to Prevent Insects From Entering Your Home

An average household is home to over 100 types of insects but let’s face it. Bugs are pesky and creepy creatures. The last thing you want to see is a spider traversing your home without a care. And for most people, the thought of an insect crawling on your skin while sleeping can be paralyzing. Some insects that make their way into our homes are carriers or hosts of human diseases. You undoubtedly want to keep bugs as far as you can from your household. But how can you do it?

Here are five ways to prevent insects from entering your home.

1. Inspect and Repair Your Window Screens and Door

Insects will take advantage of every small opening that leads into your house. As a result, any gaps around your windows or door are welcoming gestures for bugs. This is especially true during the winter when they are looking for warm places to stay. Some of these spaces are big enough to let the sunshine in, and others are small and unnoticeable.

If you want to keep bugs at bay, you need to inspect your windows and doors closely and seal these gaps properly with weather stripping and door bottom sweeps. Otherwise, they will become an ideal pathway for insects seeking shelter in your home. Moreover, a small opening is enough for an entire colony of ants to infest your home.

2. Don’t Leave Uncovered Food and Water in Your Kitchen

After putting so much effort into keeping insects away from home, there are a few bugs that will still manage to sneak in. However, you do not want to encourage them to stay. And as soon as they realize your household is not hospitable, they will be on their way out.

Insects love to eat, like the smell of food, and want a chaotic environment littered with clutter. If you leave uncovered food and water sources in your house, you invite them to stay. This also includes any fruit left in a basket on the counter. Ensure that you protect all your leftovers and water in your home. If you do this, bugs will have no reason to stick around.

3. Get Rid of Trash and Clutter

A household with trash all over is habitable for bugs. It is the kind of environment that most insects would thrive in. On the other hand, these pesky creatures do not like a clean household that smells nice. Getting rid of the trash or storing it in a sturdy and well-covered dustbin will keep bugs away. If you use a cleaner that has vinegar or lemon scent in it, this will help keep bugs at bay. This is especially true for ants. When ants enter the home, they leave a smell for other ants so that they know there is food there. This encourages other ants to enter your home. Using acidic floor cleaner will eliminate this smell.

The ultimate objective is to remove trash from your house before it accumulates and produces a pungent smell. Additionally, clutter provides a hiding place for insects. See that you declutter your home regularly before things get out of hand.

4. Protect Your Foundation

Your home’s foundation is closer to the ground. Most insects crawl and an opening near your foundation is the perfect entry point into your home. Keeping this area clean and well-protected is one of the effective strategies to deter bugs from accessing your home.

Fleas, spiders, and termites will thrive and breed in wet areas. If this is near your foundation, they will multiply quickly and attempt to get into your house through your door bottom. Keep mulch, pieces of wood, grass clippings, and firewood away from the foundation. The goal is to ensure that there is nothing that can tempt bugs to set up camp near your foundation.

5. Strive to Maintain your Yard

Yards are some of the major attractions for insects such as fleas and mosquitoes. They have everything that bugs need to thrive. If it is stagnant water around your yard, you have the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. And soon enough, they will be wreaking havoc on you and your loved one throughout the night.

Aerate your yard to make sure that water is well-absorbed into the ground. You can add dirt in hollow ground areas that tend to hold up water. Inspect your gutters and remove anything that could block them and prevent them from draining water properly.

Your home should be warm, cozy, welcoming, and free from creepy bugs. If you implement the tips we have listed above, insects will find it difficult to access your house. Those that are already inside your home will struggle to survive. Eventually, they will move into other habitable households allowing your loved ones to live in peace.

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