A Guide to the Different Types of Paper Retail Bags and Handles

Paper Retail Bags have recently acquired popularity in the packaging business because they are a more environmentally responsible option and because they allow for far more personalization than a standard plastic bag. Paper Retail Bags are reusable, increase brand visibility, and do not wind up in landfills. Retail Bags are biodegradable and recyclable, allowing firms to demonstrate their concern for the environment.

Paper Retail Bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each of them serves a distinct purpose. Here are some of the most common types of Paper Retail Bags and their applications.

Plain Brown Kraft Paper Retail Bags

Kraft Paper Retail Bags are among the most frequent types of bags available. These bags are commonly found in department stores and supermarket stores. They are made of plain brown Kraft paper and frequently have a bottom gusset strengthened with an additional sheet of paper. Kraft Paper Retail Bags are not very long-lasting. However, they can be reused a couple of times until they wear out. Furthermore, Kraft Paper Retail Bags are easily recyclable.

SOS Bags

In terms of design, S.O.S. bags, also known as Stand-on-Shelf bags, are very similar to brown Kraft Paper Retail Bags. On the other hand, these bags are a little stronger and have a top handle. S.O.S. bags have been frequently used to transport packaged food and beverages. They are widely used for bringing lunch by children and office workers. S.O.S. bags are also available in various colors with a modern twist. As a result, they also make an excellent Paper Retail Bag packing solution for gifts.

Bags with a Pinch Bottom

Paper Retail Bags with a pinch bottom are comparable to envelopes. They have a tapered end, and when one fills it up, the other side remains open. These bags are typically found in bakeries. Pinch bottom bags also include a grease-resistant lining on the inside, making them excellent for packing dry foods.

Bags for Merchandise

Merchandise bags are high-quality Paper Retail Bags that can be customized. Merchandise bags are used in both large and small retail businesses. Even some online retailers ship things in merchandise bags. These bags have the same shape as envelopes. Merchandise bags come in a variety of colors. Printing them allows you to personalize them further.

Tote in Euros

A Euro tote is a more upscale lunch bag. Despite having a similar design to S.O.S.S.O.S. bags, the Euro tote has ornate handles, bespoke branding, and a range of surface finishes. Even though the euro tote is a Paper Retail Bag, recycling it can be problematic due to plastic lining and metalized inks in some situations. On the other hand, these bags are highly sturdy and may be reused numerous times, making them preferable to single-use plastic. Many prominent firms have switched from plastic bags to Euro totes because they provide considerably higher brand visibility. Furthermore, these bags are an excellent alternative to typical gift packaging.

Bags for Bakeries

Bakery bags are made of glassine or wax-coated Paper Retail Bags that come in various shapes and sizes. They can be in the form of a small L-folder to contain your pretzel or cookie, or they can be in the form of an envelope to pack cookies. The inner lining keeps the product fresh on the inside.

Bags for Parties

Party bags are glossy, bright-colored Retail Bags that resemble regular Kraft Paper Retail Bags in shape. Party bags can be used to deliver chocolates, candy, gift cards, and other memories.

Bags for Parties

Party bags are glossy, bright-colored Paper Retail Bags that resemble regular Kraft Paper Retail Bags in shape. Party bags can be used to deliver chocolates, candy, gift cards, and other memories.

Bags from Recycled Materials

Recycled bags are made primarily of recycled paper as the raw material. Paper is made from wood pulp, which contributes to deforestation. Recycled bags are created from pulp derived from paper waste. New manufacturing processes have enabled the recycled paper to be as good as wood pulp paper. Recycled bags exist in various shapes and sizes, allowing businesses to demonstrate their environmental sensitivity.

Bags in Vogue

These are the retail shopping bags commonly used in today’s retailers. They are large and spacious, and they may be used repeatedly. These bags are also helpful for branding, according to the manufacturers. Vogue Retail Bags are also ideal for gift-giving.

Handle Varieties

There is a lot of variety when it comes to Paper Retail Bag handles. Handles for Retail Bags can be made from a variety of materials.


Ribbons are soft, luscious, and have a glossy sheen. They are also quite resilient. Ribbon handles are available in various colors and can be used with practically any bag shape. Ribbons aren’t ideal for bags that will hold bulky items. On the other hand, Ribbon handles are a fantastic alternative for smaller and lighter goods, especially when the design and feel of the bag are more essential.


Cotton handles provide the same classy feel as ribbon grips. On the other hand, cotton ropes are far more robust than ribbons. Furthermore, thicker cotton ropes are more comfortable to handle when transporting heavy items.

Paper Twisted

Twisted paper handles manufactured by machines are sturdy and rigid. They don’t feel as nice, but they can withstand a lot of pressure. Furthermore, producers may produce them in a brief period.

Paper Folded

The most cost-effective choice is folded paper. Folded paper handles, made from an essential piece of paper, are ideal for tiny bags and light weights. Furthermore, the folded paper makes recycling easier.

To summarize, advancements in durability are required to enable the use of Retail Bags in everyday life. Nonetheless, Paper Retail Bags are an excellent choice for gift and take-away packaging. Other paper items, such as paper boxes, are a terrific option for gift packaging in addition to Paper Retail Bags.

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