Cat cleaning wipes for obese and elderly cats!

If you have difficulty cleaning your obese or elderly cats or are planning on adopting an obese or elderly cat, then you have landed on the right blog. For obese and elderly cats, it can get very difficult for them to properly clean themselves after coming out of the litter or while bathing themselves. The reasons are obvious, the elderly cats do not have enough strength in them to bend and give their whole body a proper bath, and a similar is for the obese cats. They have excess fat, which prevents them from being able to clean those hard-to-reach areas. Cleaning elderly and obese cats is a full responsibility that needs to be taken care of by the pet owners. In such circumstances, the cat owners need to keep cat cleaning wipes at home. Cleaning elderly and obese cats is a full responsibility that needs to be taken care of by the pet owners. 

Cat cleaning wipes should be able to do the job

Since you can not give baths to your cats, especially to elderly and obese cats, you need to have wipes lying around that will do the job. You need to make sure that the wipes you choose are disinfectant, strong so they are efficient (but not too strong that you end up damaging the skin of your fur baby), and non-scented. That is because every time your cat is going to use the litter, you will have to clean up their private parts because they are not going to do it by themselves, and they will just end up smelling like poop and urine at the end of the day. Cats are very fastidious creatures, so if you do not take care of their cleaning, it can get really uncomfortable for them.

Cat bath wipes used for cleaning obese and elderly cats should be gentle

If you are frequently using cleaning wipes and not a gentle cat shampoo to clean the private parts of your areas, then you need to make sure the wipes you are using should be gentle on your fur baby. Otherwise, if the wipes are not gentle and they do not properly clean, you can end up just giving her urinary tract infections and all other sorts of problems. Also, non-gentle wipes can have harsh ingredients in them that can be toxic to your cat’s fur and skin. 

Cleaning wipes should be cheap

If you are taking the full responsibility of cleaning your obese and elderly cats with wipes without ever bathing them, you need to make sure that the wipes which you are using are relatively cheaper. That factor needs to be taken into consideration because if you spend excessively on pet wipes, a time will come when you will consider bathing your cat rather than cleaning them with wipes. IVS Pets have a variety of cleaning wipes for your cats and dogs, and that too at reasonable prices, so you might want to check them out. 

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