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The Western Ghats are home to the tranquil hillside hamlet of Coorg, also known as Kodagu. It’s a gift for the senses and a sight that no traveler ever forgets, surrounded by foggy valleys, rolling hills, lush plantations, and crystal-clear waterfalls. With its district headquarters at Madikeri, which serves as the hub of trade and transportation for the entire district of Kodagu, it is one of the wealthiest hill towns in all of Karnataka. The Coorg tour may accomplish all of your travel objectives, whether they be for a soul-searching excursion, a romantic break, or a rejuvenating vacation. Have a rejuvenating vacations with the Tamara Coorg.


Coorg is a land of natural wonders due to its geographic location. It has an area of 4102 square kilometers and is located on the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats. Kodagu is mostly a hill station because Tadiandamol, at 5740 feet above sea level, and Pushpagiri, at 5627 feet, is its highest points. Dakshin Kannada to the northwest, Mysore to the east, and the northern regions of Kerala to the south and west all have equally beautiful landscapes. The Cauvery River, which has its source not far from Madikeri, feeds the entire region. This location has gained a lot of popularity because of its diverse terrain. The majority of the tourist attractions in this area are located in or close to hills, plantations, rivers, and waterfalls.

Things to do in Coorg

There are several adventurous activities in Coorg that you can include in your travels, in addition to sightseeing and seeing the popular areas.

Discover the finest homestays.

Beautiful colonial bungalows and cottages may be found throughout the district, some of which have been converted into homestays. You can reserve a stay at one of these homestays to experience the local way of life, eat home-cooked, regional cuisine, and discover the culture. A guesthouse on a coffee estate is another option.

Take a trip to Madikeri.

It is the most well-liked activity in Coorg and visits all the significant natural areas. The Raja’s Seat, Madikeri Fort, and Abbey Falls are all stops along the trip that starts in Madikeri Town. The path offers breathtaking views of the hills and valleys as it travels past paddy fields, coffee estates, spice plantations, coffee estates, and little rivulets.

To reach Tandiandamol Peak, hike.

This trek is much simpler than most others in the area and is very well-liked by hikers and campers. It is the highest point in Coorg and the third highest peak in Karnataka. The journey starts in Kakkabe, which is about 32 kilometers from Coorg, and passes through extensive coffee plantations, gurgling creeks, and picturesque vistas. When the weather is clear and dry and the sights are at their best, between November and February is the ideal time to complete this walk.

Rappel in Coorg, maybe.

River rafting is a great activity on the Cauvery River. You may camp by the river and then go rafting for the day. The monsoon season, when rivers and streams have higher water levels, is the ideal time to carry out this activity.

Take a nighttime safari.

Driving a Jeep across the hills at night is fun differently. The Coorg mountains and deep forests are traversed during the safaris, which begin about twilight. The trip lasts till midnight or for a few hours.

Coorg tourist attractions

Coorg is full of natural beauties, unique indigenous culture, historical sites, and other attractions. While the other locations are beyond the main town, the prominent Madikeri tourist attractions are concentrated around it. Check out these top attractions in Coorg:

The most well-known monument in Coorg is the Madikeri Fort, a fort built in the 17th century to honor the three kingdoms who ruled this area. The best waterfall in Coorg is the Abbey Falls, which is located in the middle of plantations about 6 kilometers from Madikeri. To get to the base, you must make a short downhill hike. The hills and valleys behind the falls are visible from a hanging bridge that is located directly across from the falls.

Raja’s Seat is a well-liked vantage point on top of a hill that is a public terraced garden. The greatest viewing times are at sunrise or sunset.

Dubare Elephant Camp is located in the middle of forested terrain, one hour’s drive from Madikeri town. Elephant calves are available for playtime, feeding, and viewing in their natural habitat.

The largest and most well-known coffee estate in the area is Mercara Gold Estate & Plantations. You can visit the plantation and learn about the various types of coffee and other spices that are grown there.

The Cauvery River’s source, Tala Kaveri, is located in the hills and is a popular destination for pilgrims. 44 KM separate it from Madikeri town.

Popular Destinations Near Coorg

The sightseeing in Coorg extends far beyond the district. These locations are simple to see in two days.

Bylakuppe, the lone Tibetan community in Coorg, is located 41 kilometers from the town of Madikeri. The greatest Buddhist monastery in South India, Namdroling Monastery, is located there. Wander through the Tibetan market and indulge in Tibetan treats at the neighborhood cafe.

Iruppu Falls is the nicest waterfall to visit in Coorg after Abbey. It is 75 KM away from the town of Madikeri. The region of the falls is not accessible by automobile. You need to make a short trip through the woods down a steep route. Following the monsoon is the greatest time to see the falls in their full beauty.

Nagarhole National Park is located 92 kilometers from Madikeri and is the second-largest national park in Karnataka. It is a component of the Nilgiri Biosphere and is populated by exotic animals like hornbills, ibis, eagles, and other deer and monkey species. Visit for safaris or birdwatching between December and March.


Get ready for a relaxing vacation surrounded by lush vegetation! Coorg is a very beautiful location where you may visit fantastic attractions and unwind in peace. Whether you’re thinking of taking a trip with your family or friends, Coorg will treat you and win you over with everything it has to offer! Do have a look at this list of must-see locations in Coorg before you leave for your vacation! Have a rejuvenating vacation with the Tamara Coorg.

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