Facing Domestic Violence And Want To Get Divorced?

Incidents of domestic violence are increasing day by day. Many women, married and unmarried, face different types of abuse at home but keep quiet until it becomes too much to handle. If you are facing any domestic violence and want to file for divorce, this article will provide necessary information. 

Let’s first understand Domestic Violence; 

Domestic abuse or violence can be physical or non-physical. It is an action that harms another family member physically or even mentally. It can cause harm to the body, abuse, or emotional distress. Domestic violence can occur to any person at any point in time. 

Physical abuse causes harm to the body like an injury, scratches, bruises or worse. However, non-physical domestic abuse is also very devastating for the victim and should not be minimized. 

Non-physical abuse can be economic, emotional, and verbal. 

  • Economic Abuse: Economic abuse is about monetary possession and other physical things. If you struggle with your partner who constantly demands your money and even your earnings, you might require legal help to leave this situation. It is common in economic abuse situations for the abusive partner to forbid the other spouse to have any money, even for basic expenses. Economic abuse situations can become worse with time, so finding professional help is vital. If you are facing economic abuse and want advice or are considering divorce, consulting an experienced Philadelphia divorce lawyer will be a great help. 
  • Emotional Abuse: Emotional abuse occurs when the abusive partner intentionally plays with your emotions and repeatedly hurts your feelings. When this happens, you should take appropriate steps. Sometimes, for the abused partner to see that they are becoming a victim of emotional abuse and many spend years in an abusive relationship. Sometimes an abusive partner will try to manipulate the other spouse to prevent a rupture of the relationship by playing with their emotions. 
  • Verbal Abuse: Verbal abuse occurs when the abusive partner abuses you directly through negative words and tries to humiliate you by saying something terrible. Verbal abuse can sometimes be a sufficient reason for divorce. 

The victim of domestic violence may experience these sorts of abuse many times. It is essential to identify abuse and take decisive steps to end abusive situations. 

Discussing Emotional Abuse in Detail 

Understanding physical abuse is relatively straightforward, but detecting emotional abuse can be difficult. People around us know about physical abuse and assist us in combating such a situation. It is important to be aware of emotional abuse because many suffer from it. Emotional abuse can happen in childhood, youth, or old age. Here are some common examples of emotional abuse: 

  • · The abusive partner keeps an eye on the victim continuously;
  • · The abusive partner isolates the victim from neighbors, friends, family, and other acquaintances; 
  • · The abusive partner blames the victim for almost every negative thing happening around them;
  • · The abusive partner is  constantly or frequently aggressive;
  • · The abusive partner becomes over-possessive of the victim;
  • · The abusive partner insults the victim in front of others.

The victim’s life can be miserable in such cases of emotional abuse. If they get appropriate assistance, they can eliminate negative feelings like anxiety, depression, self-loathing, and helplessness.

The Best Step Is To Consult An Experienced Family Lawyer

Family lawyers specialize in handling all types of family issues, including divorce cases. They know family law in detail and can take the essential steps to protect your rights. You can get thorough assistance as a Philadelphia family lawyer will act as your representative. 

A lawyer will vigorously represent you in front of the court and resolve your dispute. He will try to resolve everything out of court with proper documentation. Many cases are settled out of court because the parties find it convenient to negotiate a solution. But with experienced legal professionals, both parties can sit, talk, come to a resolution, and sign a divorce settlement and proposed decree.

Divorce is challenging and painful, but you can manage your difficulties with help from professionals- 

Making a decision to leave your partner and get divorced is very stressful. It can take a toll on your physical and mental health—divorce is one of the most challenging decisions for any individual. Sorting out emotions in such a crucial situation is very important. 

The couple’s family members will also handle the situation in a variety of ways and often become emotional or irrational in the process. But when a professional stands by your side, he understands the serious nature of the situation, knows the importance of clarity in the matter, and will help you resolve the issue. 

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