How dental care is related to normal health care of men

Ask a group of people what does being healthy means to them. It is very much likely that most of them will say that being healthy means spending hours in the gym and building six-pack abs. For masses being healthy is synonymous with flaunting six-pack abs on social media. Few people may talk about mental health as an essential component of overall health. But a negligible amount of people might express the importance of dental health and care. What does this tell us? This tells us that people don’t consider dental health important and often consider it worthless.

But such people at a later stage in life people bear the cost of ignoring dental health by suffering from major dental problems like a cavity or even loss of teeth. There is a misconception that dental care only means taking care of the teeth, but that’s just partial truth. Dental care also means caring about your gums. Poor dental health apart from making you an unhealthy person degrades the personality of the person. For example, one cannot tolerate the presence of a person who has bad breath, which is a dental issue of bacteria affected teeth and gums.

It is the reflection of the overall health

Dental health is directly visible by someone at the very first instant. Suppose you go to an interview, a bright smile with clear teeth shows the positivity in your personality which creates a bright impression of yours on the interviewer. Now change the situation with the man going for the interview with a brown tooth affected by eating tobacco or any reason. The group of people taking your interview after seeing such teeth of yours will get a bad impression of your personality. And they will start assuming that you are an addict and presume many bad notions about you.

This is why someone said years ago, the first impression is the last impression. And dental care plays an important part in portraying your status of overall health. After getting a bad look at your teeth and smile no one is going to be impressed by your well-built six-pack abs. This is the reason today multinational companies are launching new mouthwashes and mouth-sprays and earning billions of profits. So, from now on give adequate care to your mouth, teeth and gums as much as you give to your six-pack abs.

Any malfunction in dental health directly affects the entire body

If your dental health is unsound then that is directly reflected in the overall functioning of the body. For example, suppose you have a painful tooth due to some injury and the doctor has given you a few injections. Now, will you be able to eat during the pain? Most probably not. Will you be able to concentrate on your work or studies fully at that time? No, when your tooth is paining terribly focussing on work is out of the question. If you are a restless person then you may get tensed and stressed easily. This will make you a potent candidate for anxiety and hypertension due to a sudden increase in blood pressure.

And any problem related to teeth and mouth is very sensitive. You may not worry much about a disorder that is affecting a corner of the toe. This does not mean that you will totally ignore it, but it is not a greater issue like a toothache. You can still eat your favourite food without any trouble, still, listen to the song and concentrate on your work. But during painful tooth your mind is never away from thinking about the pain because it affects your mind, urge to eat and also while talking to someone. So, there is no way you can ignore it and focus on some other work for some time.

Steps to keep good dental care

Brush two times a day

This is something which we have been listening to since childhood but no one ever followed. But now when we have grown up, we understand the importance of brushing teeth two times, first in the morning and second before going to bed.

Don’t get many sugary items

Sugary items like cold drinks, processed chocolates (not dark chocolates), toffees are the biggest reason for cavities. The sticky food items get stuck in between the teeth and aren’t removed even after brushing two times. Thus, the food items get decayed by bacteria and starts affecting the tooth, causing a cavity.

Drink milk

This may sound bizarre to many but milk is a rich source of calcium, which is an essential part of the enamel of the teeth. Hence, to keep your teeth strong enough to break sugarcane anytime drink milk from now on. This will make sure you don’t visit for anymore.

Apart from this if you are interested to know about dental splints and veneers then visit our Health category.

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