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How to block a Channel pipe

Channel pipe closed It’s just washing your face, washing, showering, and showering. Everything that spins, hair, soap, and diamond rings (joking, hopefully) will eventually gather in the Channels and shut down. The trick is how to safely block the drain and prevent it from clogging.

The first function of drainage is DÉBOUCHAGE. Sink or shower water and residual soap are washed and drained for disposal and disposal in a sanitary drain or septic tank. The second task is to avoid the smell of the other side by visiting us.

In the second section, the odor is placed where it is, trapping in the same S arc in the downstream drain. The bottom arc of the water trap and the water smells magic. Because the bits of hair and soap that we send out from the trap also get stuck. over time This is a messy little owl that gathers until it reaches the Channels.

How to close the drain

First, I used a small hook. which is tied with wire hangers This method is often used to prevent rainwater drainage. But this is only the beginning.

I took a small hook Wrap it around one end and catch as many fish as you can. Using a hair lump or anything blocking the drain. If synchronization is blocked I’ll remove the stop and/or screen if it’s a shower. I’m going to the floor plate (Make sure to press the screw firmly.) And go fishing with a reliable hook. What I said was very annoying. But withdrawing is often a tactic and blocks the outflow without further problems. Remember to change everything you delete to gain access. This bathroom floor is important in preventing young children from draining. while your kitchen sink will protect your silverware from family and filters.

If the cork is stronger than the hook hanging on the jacket I removed the reliable hose. I used the child type because it doesn’t work anywhere except downstairs drain. Take a damp cloth and add about half the hot water and drain. I use strong shocks. Make sure the ball in the hose is filled with water. As long as the stopper or screen is off (There’s no need to damage the pipe or tub.) I’m assertively not cowardly.

Piston systems often work best if the blockage is initially removed with a commercial drain cleaner or a mixture of baking soda, hot water, and vinegar. Try using 1 cup of baking soda in 3 or 4 cups of hot water. If desired, add 1 or 2 cups of hot water again, followed by a little vinegar. Then rinse with more hot water.

If anyone has never used zinc mixed with mortar or cement. (Ask me how you know.) If the clog doesn’t go away, you should remove the clog from the plumbing. Of course, if you’re using a commercial cleaner/solvent. Follow the instructions carefully. These can help your eyes, nose, and throat.

After removing the blockage Several times a month, use baking soda or a commercial drain cleaner to keep your drains open and unobstructed.

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