How to find the right product in our dog backpack comparison 2023

If you are traveling with your dog, two scenarios can occur. Firstly, the dog can no longer walk at a certain point in time, or secondly, the dog is still not busy. In both cases, dog backpack can provide a remedy.

Dog backpacks as a border collie australian shepherd mix carrier offer space for your four-legged friend, who can make himself comfortable like in a dog basket while you carry him the rest of the way in your own test. A dog backpack is a dog pack you simply strap on your dog and he can carry his or your things. Find out how the individual variants perform in the dog backpack comparison.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our dog backpack comparison 2022.

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The most important in a nutshell

  • Dog backpacks are available either for transporting the dog or for the dog carrying luggage. For both variants, you will receive very different offers.
  • Dog backpacks for large dogs are only available as a luggage variant. You can carry animals weighing up to eight kilograms but comfortably with a backpack on your back.
  • For good and large dog backpacks, you pay up to 150 euros. But you can also get small models for around 50 euros or even less.

As a popular dog accessory, dog backpacks are not only popular as backpacks for hiking with your dog. With a carrying bag for the back of the four-legged friend, your dog can help you carry shopping or transport food on excursions in nature. Of course, cats can also be transported with it, instead of with a specific cat transport box.

We will show you which criteria to consider before you buy a dog backpack. In addition, we reveal what a cheap dog backpack costs and what advantages and disadvantages different materials have.

Dog accessories for dog and owner: Two types of dog backpacks

Basically, it is important to distinguish between two types of backpacks for the dog. The first category consists of backpacks that act as small dog boxes, so-called dog backpack dog carriers. The pet is placed in the backpack and can thus be transported safely and comfortably from A to B. Especially for smaller dogs, this is a good alternative to dog boxes and the dog bike basket.

A second variant is the young rat terrier puppy for your four-legged friend himself. Similar to a saddlebag, the transport backpacks are strapped to the dog’s back. So your pet can carry his own, but also your belongings, both in everyday life and when traveling. In the following table you will find the main advantages and disadvantages of these dog backpacks for the dog:


  • The dog can carry toys and food himself
  • Your dog can help you carry small purchases
  • Animals with a high urge to move are additionally utilized


  • Only for medium and large dogs
  • Not recommended for sick and old dogs

When it comes to backpacks for dog transport, you have a wide variety of designs and constructions to choose from. Basically, the dead weight of the dog backpacks is relatively low, so as not to burden your back unnecessarily. The opening through which the dog can be placed in the backpack is located either at the top or front of the dog backpack.

Often, nets allow the animal to look out through which it can perceive the environment, even if you have tightened the zipper. Breathable materials also prevent the animal from getting shortness of breath. In the following table we have compiled further functions of a dog transport backpack for you:


  • Permeable mesh inserts
  • Breathable materials
  • Ventilation slots


  • Waterproof materials
  • Optional rain cover
  • Protective flaps for closing the mesh inserts

Comfort and safety

  • Additional compartments for accessories, dog food, and toys
  • Padded lining and cushions
  • Carrying and waist straps for extra support

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