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Importance of Last 10 nights of Ramadan

Islam has made certain times and locations sacred. A person who believes in Islam can take part in rituals of worship like paying homage to or praising God anytime (standing in a position of sitting, reclining or lying down) Certain moments of time are characterized by special and distinctive blessings that are associated with their respective times. 

In the same way, even though the entire of Earth is now an altar for prayer and worship there are certain places that are specifically blessed. This triggers in the psychological makeup of the believer an urge to find these special opportunities to get more closely to Allah. The desire to be closer to Allah triggers many positive spiritual emotions, including reverence, awe excitement, anticipation in the face of excitement, joy, and yearning and all are included in the word Shawq.

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Importance of Last 10 nights of Ramadan

Spiritual Experience 

We live in an age of technological distractions and apathy to material things and apathy, many actions of worship are crammed into short moments of our day-to-day routines and do not provide the worshipper with a full-on profound spiritual experience. 

A true worship experience is not simply spending a few minutes in prayer but also allowing the prayers we make to determine our life’s direction. Therefore, Islam gives us the opportunity to experience deep spiritual experiences, ones that require the putting down of everything else, including of the (worldly worldly) and all its distractions. 

One of the most significant possibilities is the blessed night of Ramadan. The Prophet Muhammad stated, “Whoever spends the nights of Ramadan in prayer with faith and with the expectation of reward the Lord will forgive him the prior mistakes.” The most significant of these occasions are the last ten days of Ramadan. Where mostly People learn and read Quran online or at Home.

 As the Prophet’s wife Hazrate Aisha tells us, “When the last ten nights began, Allah’s Messenger (peace be on his soul) was awake in the night (for prayers and dedication) and woke his family and prepared for salah (with greater vigor).”4 It is not an accident that itikaf (seclusion within the mosque) is also recommended in Ramadan. The Prophet Muhammad was known to have practiced Itikaf throughout the last ten days Ramadan. 

Laylatul Qadar Night

The Nights of Power is the automated donation platform, which allows donors to divide their donations over the last 10 nights of Ramadan so that you don’t miss out on the benefits that come with giving during Laylatul Qadr. Again this year you are able to opt to divide your donations over the 30 months of Ramadan. 

The Night (Laylatul Qadr) is more than a thousand years. It is believed that the Prophet (pbuh) told us that it was the Night of Power could be during any of the last 10-nights of Ramadan.

Night full of blessings

It is believed that the Night of Power (Laylat ul Qadr) is the most beautiful night of the year, full of blessings and mercy. According to the Holy Qur’an, it is “better than a thousand years.”

It was during the night of this date it was on this night that Allah (SWT) gave Jibril the Angel of God to Earth to unveil the first passages from the Qur’an together with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In this regard it is believed that many Muslims consider Laylat ul-Qadr is the start of Islam which is why it is regarded in the religion being one of the most holy times of the year.

How to get the rewards of Allah?

Every Muslim is urged to search for Laylatul Qadr , and to increase their prayers and worship, and learn more about Quran and also make lots of du’a.

Many Muslims prefer to offer Zakat during this time of year to get the most rewards of Allah (SWT) this is why the acts of Sadaqah are typically done over the course of the final 10-nights of Ramadan.

How to find this Night?

According to the Qur’an, the Night of Power brings with additional rewards when the righteous acts are done. There are many questions about when exactly it is that the Night of Power is, in addition to the requirements of Ramadan It’s possible that you’ll lose track of the days and be unable to attend this Night of Power.

It means you might not be able to reap the lucrative dividends provided through Allah (SWT) in Laylatul Qadr. The Nights of Power platform ensures you do not miss this holy night and you will be in a position to reap the benefits Allah (SWT) bestows during this time.

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