Korean Men’s Fashion: An Overview and A Complete Guide of Korean Men’s Fashion

Introduction of Korean fashion

Korean fashion is now popular in world. Like Paris and Milan, South Korean fashion is also trending. Within the 40 years in the fashion market, now the fashion industry becomes strong. People are now addicted to Korean fashion. They copy their style. Choosing the correct shoes with the suitable dress is a tough task that is why it is now being popular day by day. Their fashion hit in their dramas.

They are famous for their street wear fashion also. They put their effort in fashion line. They are now trending in world. It is not easy to copy the style of Korean. Although they are famous but you can slay in any dress if you choose dress correctly from your closet.

The trending clothing items of Korean fashion are listed below.

  • Bucket Hat
  • Basic Shirt
  • Polo Shirt
  • Long Sleeves Polo
  • Straight Cut jeans
  • Dark Wash Jeans
  • Slacks and trousers
  • Leather jacket
  • Puffer jacket
  • Trench coat
  • Loafers

1. Bucket Hat

In previous years Bucket hat was consider the bad part of fashion. But now the]is fashion is being popular. And now many Korean men and others follow the trend and wear bucket hat. Now to wear bucket hat is a cool fashion.

2. Basic shirt

Basic shirt is all time in trend. If you are not have enough budget, one can follow the fashion by just wearing the basic shirt just like the Korean men. This is classical clothing item. You can wear this basic shirt with denim or slacks. This fashion will never out dated. Wear your favorite shoes or sneakers and you can also wear bucket hat. This looks good.

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3. Polo shirts

With the basic shirt, wear polo shirt along with the collars. Just by wearing this polo shirt on basic shirt changed your look completely. You can wear slacks or denim and sneaker. This is the perfect look. This polo shirt is an important item.

4. Long sleeves polo

Wearing long sleeves polo shirt is a complex because it looks bad if you are not wearing it in right way. This style can fit in casual looks and formal look. This long sleeves polo shirt wear over the thin sweater. This looks fit with denim or slacks. If you want formal look than close the lower button of shirt. This looks graceful. You can also wear coat over it with the leather shoes.

5. Straight cut jeans

In the fashion industry, wearing short cut jeans is cool and people are passionate about this trend. For looking simple and cool this outfit is best. This looks graceful with the graphic tees. You can get the perfect Korean look by the straight cut jeans. This straight cut jeans are of different types and available in stores. This can also be wear with the over sized jacket.

6. Dark wash jeans

Dark wash jeans are the best if you want to look cool. These dark wash jeans compensated your skinny legs and heavy thighs. This can wear for casual as well as for formal look. Sneaker, slippers, bucket hat and graphic tees looks good with this. With just one pair of jeans you can follow hundred styles. This outfit is flexible in night dates and in office time also.

7. Slacks and trousers

Slacks and trousers are the best part of fashion. This is the essential piece of fashion. You can style like professional with this items. And can also follow the casual look. With plane white shirt or thin sweater you can wear it for casual look. You can also wear it along with the loafers for formal look. With these items you can get any fashion good guy or like a bad guy.

8. Leather jackets

Leather jackets are the item which will never out date. This leather jacket is important and compulsory part of every men closet. You can wear it on any type of outfit. Leather jacket is a cool item as it can wear a by young man as well as old man. This looks graceful. Aside from this cool feature, some ladies are craze to see this leather jacket fashion. You can adopt a bad guy look also. This is the style of winter. You can wear it on simple white shirt along with boots.

9. Puffer jacket

Puffer jacket came in trend lately but now this is the trending to wear puffer jacket on special occasions. Korean man wear this puffer jacket on shoots and also casually. This is the stylish piece. This cools cool and graceful. You look like a decent good guy by wearing puffer jackets.

By wearing it with simple shirt and sneakers it looks casual but id you wear it with denim and black shoes it represent the formal look. All this depends that how you carry your dress and where you want to go by wearing this outfit. You can style differently by puffer jacket wearing it in different styles.

10. Trench coat

Trench coat is popular in the Korean fashion. This outfit wears in winters. Trench coat is a warm outfit. On hard days of winter, people follow this trend of trench coat. Many Korean men wear this trench coat on shooting, rehearsals and also on casual days. People appreciate this trench coat trend. This trench coat trend goes viral because of BTS army. They are hit by their long black coats. This trench coat trend looks the men graceful and heighted also. People like and follow this trend on wide range.

11. Loafers

Although boots and sneakers are much comfortable than any other shoes but to look classy loafers are the best item. This should be present in your wardrobe. The loafers are the best part by which you can change your look. Loafers are not actually formal shoes but when you wear it with long coat and tie this looks graceful and formal. This is the best item by which you can looks formal or casual by changing outfit.


The Korean men look is in fashion industry. Their fashion line is unique. And people like them and follow them. By choosing correct item you can look good and graceful.

Frequently asked questions

Is it difficult to follow Korean men fashion?

No, it is not difficult. You just have to choose the correct outfit.

Do Korean men change their fashion quickly?

No, they do not change their fashion. But there is an increase of outfits in their fashion industry. With some suitable items you can follow their fashion easily.

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