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Most Durable Window Blinds

Indeed window blinds are an impressively good investment. They not only convert your home looks into a modern looking sleek home but on the same note they solve many of your problems regarding the interior of your home. Window blinds are mostly budget friendly but in some specific cases, they are much more expensive than other window treatments.

The plus point that makes window blinds superior to other window treatments is that they are many styles and fabrics that are highly durable while providing spot-on light and privacy maintenance. Some options are significantly made for solving issues of particular rooms. A window blind that is acting mature in the bedroom likely doesn’t stand that same in places like the kitchen or bathroom.

So measure durability according to the place in which you are using window blinds. there is almost a complete range of specifically good window blinds for particular rooms. Also, the durability is highly dependent on the hardware or fabric of the blinds and in custom blinds treatment you have enough control over these things, to make a better choice.

Here are our recommendations for the most durable window blinds.

Firstly, make sure you know where is the most need for durable window blinds.

Places that are often surrounded by kids and pets

Crowded places

In Kitchen

In Bathroom

Easy to Clean and Maintain

In Basement

Areas where the climate is Extreme

Working Places

Bamboo Blinds

No doubt they are providing durability at its very best. As they are made of natural material which makes them very eco-friendly and also helps make your interior feel fresh and sleek.

Bamboo-made products are now one of the most preferred home decors mostly because of their strength and adaptability. This wood can stand still and last long in almost any climate condition, hence these window blinds can install in any of your rooms.

These window blinds are impressively stylish and look quite more mature than other window blinds, there is an option for customization so can have an exact fit for your window size. From a design perspective try combining bamboo blinds with curtains, likely will provide a statement of glamour.

Vertical Blinds

Indeed a highly considered window blinds treatment regarding the durability. They are effortlessly easy to clean and maintain due to their simple vertical blinds which is also a reason behind their durability. No matter what the window size is, just a quick vacuum or damp cloth and here you are done.

They are also good at managing light and privacy credit to their vertical slats, operating them is very easy, and also can be made of waterproof fabric making them considerable for rainy areas too.

Roman Blinds

They are handsomely durable. Mostly made of high-end quality fabric and can be more special in custom window blinds, which can be expensive but can payback by running long.

There are cases when these blinds got damaged by moisture probably because of poor fabric, so make sure to watch out for quality because the durability is highly dependent on that.

They are customizable enough to be made like they can sync in extremely well in your interior. They are not hard to clean but require constant minor dusting because due to the nature of their fabric and dust mostly gathers on the surface which can cause damage if don’t handle on time.

Wooden Blinds

Impressively durable in certain cases. These are the kind of window blinds that are suitable in certain rooms like a living room and dining room where the level of humidity and moisture is low, here they surely last long. Avoid them in places like bathroom or kitchen and like wise.

They are great at making their surroundings feel natural, very eco-friendly, very stylish, and sleek too. They are potentially strong in maintaining light and privacy.

Faux Wood Blinds

As wooden blinds only offer durability in certain places, these blinds can be durable in any place due to the fact that there is no use of standard real wood in the manufacturing of these blinds. they are way easier to maintain and clean as compared to any other window blinds, they are also waterproof so humidity and moisture are not going to damage them.

The only danger they have of getting damaged is from extreme heat. Overall they are enough for those who are seeking durability, as in addition to the durability they also look exceptionally classy and graceful.

Roller Blinds

They are like a single panel of fabric that is effortlessly easy to maintain and get clean. There are options in which you can operate them from a cord manually or they can be motorized also.

Their fabric is specialist in blocking harmful UV rays without getting faded, hence they are durable enough to last long. Also, they are quite affordable so there is no reason to ignore them even when they are offering a mature and aesthetic look also.

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