Pasta Recipes for the Monsoon Season

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The arrival of the monsoon always has a special place in our hearts. The rain makes you feel like munching on some delicious snacks or great meals to make the rainy days more memorable. As your going out gets limited due to the rain, you can at any time have a gala time within your home with your family by spending some quality time. You can sit, talk and do a lot of things together. One such thing that can set your mood right is pasta. 

There are innumerable ways of cooking pasta that will not leave your monsoon season dull and mundane. The pasta manufacturers are going ahead with manufacturing whole wheat pasta India to make a bigger place in the Indian market as well as reach out to their consumers with healthier food items. Some of those delicious pasta recipes are mentioned below to light up your monsoon season and mood.

Delicious Healthy Pasta Recipes in India

Pasta with crushed pepper, garlic, onion, and olive oil

Put your experiment mode on and try this unique recipe which will be a super-duper hit. During the monsoon, often, due to the damp weather, you tend to fall sick, and there is a high chance of you not eating enough and in good proportions. To beat the monsoon blues, make this preparation in minutes. A very simple yet wholesome meal it will be. 

Begin with boiling the pasta, and sauté the onion and garlic nicely in a tablespoon of olive oil. Then, add a pinch of salt and put the boiled pasta into it, and stir well. Cover with a lid and let it prepare. Put off the flame and add some crushed black pepper from the top. The aroma of the pepper works as a wonder for your bland taste buds.

Mushroom with penne pasta

Consuming a substantial amount of pasta made of flour can be detrimental to your health. The pasta manufacturers are aiming to make whole wheat pasta India claim nationwide fame which shall be a good pick for your everyday pasta recipes. The taste of pasta enhances all the more when you add some fresh mushrooms to it. So, try out this unique recipe today. 

Prepare the chopped mushrooms separately in a pan, then add your choice of herbs, salt and sugar, and depending on your preference, how much hot or sweet you wish to have, add green chillies. Subsequently, add the boiled penne pasta to the cooked mushroom and mix everything well. Serve it hot to make your monsoon even happier!

Macaroni chaat with lemony chickpeas

Ensure that the whole wheat pasta India goal is not going in vain. It is a great effort toward the ‘eat healthy and stay healthy’ initiative in India. Shortly, the pasta manufacturers in India will strive to do away with pasta made of flour, and wheat pasta will be available largely. During the monsoon time, your plans of going out may not work out as per your wish. The weather changes unpredictably, and also the sudden cloud outbursts end up in cancelling all your plans. So, stack your kitchen shelves well to make your time at home merrier with good food.

One such preparation is a macaroni chaat with lemony chickpeas. First, boil the chickpeas and macaroni separately in water with a dash of salt. After some time, shallow fry the macaroni in a little amount of olive oil and add some aromatic spices to it. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and mix the chickpeas along with the macaroni. Toss all the ingredients together. Evening snacks as such are bound to light up your mood!

Sweet and sour pasta

At times, the constant rain makes you feel a little monotonous and sad. You miss meeting your people and going out of your home. However, some yummy pasta recipes can save you from your bad rainy days. The sweet and sour pasta recipe has all the aromas you can ask for. The sweet and the tangy flavour is bound to have a spell on your mood. Make whole wheat pasta India journey possible by contributing towards eating healthy and being healthy. This will reduce many diseases and illnesses that you might suffer from eating wrong.

In a pan, put olive oil and some crushed garlic and ginger. Saute these until aromatic, and then add chopped green chillies, onions and capsicums. Fry these for a while, and then add salt, sugar, crushed black pepper, tomato ketchup and soya sauce. Add a cupful of water and then bring it to a good boil. Now, put the boiled pasta of your choice into the wok and let it cook for a couple of minutes. Add cornflour slurry to it and boil for a minute and then turn off the flame. Enjoy it piping hot on a wet rainy day.

Pasta is a delicious and quick-to-cook food item. It is quite a busy day’s schedule-friendly meal, and you ought to make anything that you like with pasta using a minimum to maximum choice of ingredients. It is suggested that switching to whole wheat pasta will make your meals even more delectable and healthier. This assures that you can frequently have pasta for a longer period as well, whether it is monsoon or not.

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