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Poco Lee, born Iweh Pascal Odinaka, is a renowned Nigerian dancer and entertainer who has captivated audiences with his exceptional dance skills and vibrant personality. This article will explore various aspects of Poco Lee net worth, career, personal life, body measurements, awards, and other intriguing details.

Net WorthPoco Lee net worth is approximately $120,000
Career BeginningsStarted as a street dancer and gained recognition through local competitions and public performances.
Rise to FameBecame famous for his unique dance style and infectious energy.
Dance StyleFusion of contemporary, street, and Afrobeat moves.
InfluencesInspired by Michael Jackson, James Brown, Kaffy, and other renowned dancers.
CollaborationsCollaborated with various music artists and appeared in music videos.
PerformancesShowcased his electrifying dance moves on prominent stages and live shows.
Awards and RecognitionsCity People Music Award for Best Dancer, African Muzik Magazine Award for Best African Dancer, etc.
Personal LifeValues family support and enjoys exploring new dance styles and traveling.
Social Media PresenceActive on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, with a substantial following.
Body MeasurementsHeight: 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm).
Future PlansCollaborations with international artists and expansion of creative ventures.

Early Life and Background

Poco Lee was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on March 21, 1996. From a young age, he displayed a passion for dance and music. Growing up in a supportive environment, Poco Lee was encouraged to pursue his artistic interests, laying the foundation for his remarkable career.

Career Beginnings

Poco Lee’s journey in the entertainment industry started with humble beginnings as a street dancer. He honed his skills by participating in local dance competitions and performing in public spaces. Poco Lee’s undeniable talent and determination caught the attention of industry insiders, opening doors for him to showcase his abilities on a larger stage.

Rise to Fame

With his unique dance style and infectious energy, Poco Lee quickly rose to fame. His electrifying performances gained widespread recognition, and he became a sought-after dancer for music videos and live shows. Poco Lee’s ability to blend various dance genres with flair set him apart and made him a standout figure in the industry.

Poco Lee Net Worth

Poco Lee’s relentless pursuit of his passion has resulted in significant financial success. Poco Lee is one of the top 10 dancers in the Nigerian music business, and Poco Lee net worth is approximately $120,000 (around N70 million Naira). He has collaborated with artists like Naira Marley, Burna Boy, and many more. In addition to his dance performances, Poco Lee has secured lucrative brand endorsements and invested wisely, contributing to his impressive wealth.

Dance Style and Influences

Poco Lee’s dance style is a captivating fusion of contemporary, street, and Afrobeat moves. His performances reflect a dynamic mix of rhythm, precision, and creativity. Poco Lee draws inspiration from renowned dancers such as Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Kaffy, infusing their influences with his unique interpretation.

Collaborations and Performances

Poco Lee has collaborated with numerous music artists in Nigeria and internationally throughout his career. He has been featured in music videos, performed alongside A-list musicians, and graced prominent stages with his electrifying presence. Poco Lee’s ability to synchronize his dance moves with various musical styles has made him a sought-after performer.

Awards and Recognitions

Poco Lee’s exceptional talent and contributions to the dance industry have garnered several awards and accolades. His notable achievements include the City People Music Award for Best Dancer and the African Muzik Magazine Award for Best African Dancer. These prestigious honors testify to Poco Lee’s impact and influence on the entertainment scene.

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Personal Life

While Poco Lee is known for his vibrant presence on stage, he maintains a private personal life. He values the support of his family and friends, who have been instrumental in his journey. Poco Lee enjoys exploring new dance styles in his leisure time, traveling, and cherishing quality moments with loved ones.

Social Media Presence

Poco Lee has a significant presence on various social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. His animated dance videos and engaging content have garnered a massive following. Poco Lee actively interacts with his fans, sharing glimpses of his life and inspiring others with his talent and positive attitude.

Body Measurements

Standing at an impressive height of 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm), Poco Lee possesses a charismatic presence. His well-built physique, combined with his remarkable agility, contributes to his captivating dance performances. While precise measurements may vary, Poco Lee’s dedication to fitness is evident in his awe-inspiring dance moves.

Future Plans and Projects

Poco Lee’s journey in the entertainment industry shows no signs of slowing down. He has exciting plans for the future, including collaborations with renowned international artists and expanding his creative ventures. Fans can anticipate more electrifying performances, captivating music videos, and innovative projects from this talented dancer.


In conclusion, Poco Lee’s rise to fame as a Nigerian dancer and entertainer is a testament to his exceptional talent, hard work, and vibrant personality. Poco Lee has solidified his position as a prominent figure in the dance industry with a significant net worth, numerous awards, and a global fanbase. His electrifying performances continue to inspire and entertain millions of fans worldwide.

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How did Poco Lee gain popularity?

Poco Lee gained popularity through his exceptional dance performances, showcasing his unique style and infectious energy. His appearances in music videos and collaborations with popular artists also contributed to his rise to fame.

What are some of Poco Lee’s notable awards?

Poco Lee has received several notable awards, including the City People Music Award for Best Dancer and the African Muzik Magazine Award for Best African Dancer.

What are Poco Lee’s body measurements?

Poco Lee stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm). While precise body measurements may vary, his captivating dance moves showcase his remarkable agility and well-built physique.

What can we expect from Poco Lee in the future?

Poco Lee has exciting plans for the future, including collaborations with renowned international artists and pursuing innovative projects. Fans can anticipate more electrifying performances and captivating content from this talented dancer.

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