Questions and answers about e-bike folding bikes

Which manufacturers are there?

In the following list, we show you some well-known manufacturers who sell e-bike folding bikes. In all likelihood, you will find the best e-bike folding bike for you.

  • Movena
  • NCM
  • GermanXia
  • Jet Line
  • Hercules
  • Nilox
  • Fisherman

Where can I get a cheap e-bike folding bike?

Among other things, take a look at online retailers that offer great discount campaigns at regular intervals. But you can also find cheap e-bike folding bikes in retail. This is also the case with Lidl and Tchibo.

Is there already a test from Stiftung Warentest?

Unfortunately, there is no test in which a special e-bike folding bike test winner was awarded. However, you will find test reports at Stiftung Warentest in which normal new laws for hoverboards have been scrutinized. Most recently, this was the case in issue 06/2018. In addition, you will also find other interesting articles on the subject of cycling on the portal.

What do I have to pay attention to when folding?

Make sure that no cables for power and brake are bent. In the worst case, these could break and must be replaced. Therefore, pay attention to all supply lines.

What is the width of the tires of the folding bike?

The wheel E-motos K20 with folding pedals is equipped with tires that are 4 cm wide.

Can the seat height of the e-bike be adjusted?

Yes, the seat height of the Vivi e-bike can be adjusted between 82 – 93 cm. The maximum load capacity of the e-bike is 150 kg.

How fast can I ride an electric bike with the VIVI 350W?

The maximum speed of the VIVI men’s electric bike is 32 km/h.

Are the pedals of the GUNAI 26-inch electric bike foldable?

To make the bike even more space-saving, the pedals can also be folded in.

Up to how many kilograms can the Vivi S-Pedelec electric bike be loaded?

The Vivi e-bike has a load capacity of 150 kg.

What is the weight of the GUNAI MX20 electric bike?

The GUNAI electric bike MX20 has a total weight of 24 kg, which corresponds to a box with 24 beverage bottles. Due to the lightweight and folding function, the bike is easy to transport.

What grades did the individual e-bike folding bikes receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal e-bike folding bike test winner from the following list:

First place – good: Velox from SXT – exemplary Internet price: 1,099 euros

Second place – good: S-Pedelec from VIVI – exemplary Internet price: 720 Euro

Third place – good: E-Bike Folding Bike MTB from VIVI – exemplary Internet price: 720 Euro

Fourth place – good: 350W electric bike men from VIVI – exemplary Internet price: 750 Euro

Fifth place – good: foldable e-bike from Home Deluxe – exemplary Internet price: 729 Euro

Sixth place – good: K20 from E-motos – exemplary Internet price: 1,649 euros

Seventh place – good: E-bike from Varun – exemplary Internet price: 760 Euro

Eighth place – good: Alu Pedelec K20 from E-motos – exemplary Internet price: 1.499 Euro

Ninth place – good: Bluewheel foldable e-bike from Bluewheel – exemplary Internet price: 1,098 euros

Tenth place – very good: Fafrees 20F054 from DuraB – exemplary Internet price: 860 Euro

The grading distribution of the best hoverboard brands manufacturers shows that the products are exclusively 8 e-bike folding bikes with the grade “very good” and 9 e-bike folding bikes with the grade “good”.

Most of the “good” and “very good” e-bike folding bike models, namely 3 pieces, are sent into the race by the e-bike folding bike brand VIVI.

Apart from this if you are interested to know about Everything You Need To Know About Folding Beds then visit our “Business” category.

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