Read About the Creative Packaging Design Ideas to Make Cigarette Boxes

The cigarette box is one of the most important items in the market, which should be designed in an attractive way to attract customers. The most interesting part of designing a cigarette box is that they are very small and delicate. However still, they need to be printed excellently with attractive colors and detailed texts. Designing cigarette boxes or cbd packaging can be very difficult for some people. Still, they don’t have to worry about it now as we will give them complete information about designing different types of discount cigarette boxes with creative packaging design ideas. Cigarette boxes should always be used once, and they cannot be reused because their material is not durable enough. So, if you want your customer to bring your product back, then design it in such a way that they like its smell and color and that they remember it for a long time.

Cigarette boxes come in different sizes, but the average one is very small, which usually contains 20 cigarettes, and comes with an attractive design and packaging on its exterior and interior. There are many kinds of cigarette boxes available in the market, some of them are as follows:

There are several packaging designs that you can use to make cigarette boxes. So, let’s find out

1) Tuck End Boxes:

Tuck end boxes are one of the most attractive options for packaging your product. These boxes are easy to open and give an exclusive look with an elegant design on their exterior. The most important benefit of using these boxes is that it reduces the cost by half because you can make two tuck end boxes out of a single cardstock sheet. These cigarette boxes come in different sizes like slim, king-size, etc.

2) Window End Boxes:

Window end boxes are specially made for cigarettes, but yes, they can be used for many other purposes as well, like notebook or pen holders; these window boxes have a transparent cover through which customers can see what is inside the box. It preserves the freshness of products and provides enough space for design. You can even search for window boxes of different shapes and designs through the internet.

3) Push Top Boxes:

Push top boxes are usually made of paper cartons which you can easily get at any grocery shop. These cigarette boxes have a little push-in on which you can place your cigarettes and seal them with a sticker or a sellotape, but make sure that the level of push should be adjusted with the height of cigarettes to allow free movement inside the box. Otherwise, It would not only affect the aesthetic value but also reduce its life span because cigarette smoke would directly come on them while applying glue over it. In this way, they will lose their quality faster than ever before.

4) Paperboard Boxes

These cigarette boxes are make from a piece of paperboard, which can be easily cut into any size or shape as per your wish. You have to place a sticker sheet on top and print the words you want to say on it. After that, fold them easily and stick using tape glue to close them all up for good.

5) Wooden Packaging Boxes

If you want a cigarette box with a different class, then wooden packaging is the best option available. While making these items focus on their quality because they need to contain something heavy inside like cigarettes; otherwise, they won’t be able to look good for a long time. To make one such item, get thin pieces of wood from a hardware store and cut them into the shapes of boxes.

Cut the cardboard and stick them together with some glue. Fill with cigarettes and then use the tight seal or double-sided tape to close it. Then paint the box with nice colors if you want to make it look better than before.

6) A Glass Container

To make this kind of packaging, you need to think about its durability. It is fragile and breaks easily. To make one such box you can find old jars in your home or buy some from the store nearby. You will find many jars that are no good for buying things, but since they are make of glass, we can recycle them. Take out the elements inside and wash them with water until it is warm enough.

After that, attach the base of your cigarette box with this glass jar through glue or double-sided tape. Now you can use this beautiful glass container. You can put your short cigarettes in it so that they do not get lost all over the house.

7) A Silk Container

If you are looking for something different than these other containers, then here is something to make your house unique. For making a silk cigarette box, cut off two halves of old silk cloth to make two boxes from them separately. Then staple their open ends together to form one whole box where both portions are visible outside while remaining attached to each other.

8) A Plastic Bottle Box

You can make a cigarette box from a used plastic bottle. Cut off the top of the plastic bottle and apply glue to the bottom. Decorate your new cigarette box by keeping the top open and closing it at the bottom to give it some support.


If you want to display your cigarettes in a creative way and provide them the protection, they need from getting damage, then all you have to do is to come up with an innovative custom cigarette packaging boxes ideas for them. These cigarette boxes make out of daily use items would also serve as gifts that can be given away at special occasions such as Christmas and weddings. So, if you are looking for some nice ideas to make a cigarette box, then do read this article thoroughly.

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