Famous Restaurants Of Italy That You Must Visit

If you are someone looking forward to exploring multiple cuisines and regional specialties then Italy can be your happiest place to be at. It has a wide chain of restaurants with each restaurant having its own culinary universe. Well, who doesn’t enjoy pasta and pizza in restaurants of Italy, and do you they have come from? They are from Italian Cuisine so now we can say for sure that Italian food has always got a lot of love from foodies around the world.

Just imagine how wonderful it’d be for foodies to enjoy the Italian food in its most authentic taste by being at a place where food has come from. And if you are already planning a trip to Italy and are also willing to explore restaurants of Italy then this is going to be a very helpful article for you. Se read it till the end and have a blast when you visit Italy.

Club Del Doge Restaurant

This beautiful restaurant is located in Venice. The best part about this restaurant is apart from providing you the food with the best taste in the world which can be a substitute for Chamicos Tulum as0 it provides you the best view as well.

It has a beautiful lake view as it is situated along the Grand Canal in the luxurious Gritti Palace hotel. If you are looking forward to enjoying a Venetian meal then this waterfront restaurant is a must-visit for you. So if you are in Venice or planning to visit there don’t miss out on this one.

Dal Pescatore

This wonderful restaurant is situated in Runate. It’s famous for its culinary specialty in making the food with the authentic traditional Italian taste. Nowadays it has also started giving a modern twist to it which has helped it gain more popularity.

It is a three Michelin star restaurant. If you want to taste the traditional taste of Italian cuisine this can be a miraculous food spot for you. So whenever you visit Runate don’t forget to visit this place. wisconsindmv.gove/renew

Il Palagio

This elegant restaurant is situated in Florence. We can assure you that this restaurant will you a very beautiful and clear picture of Italian elegance. Apart from serving Italian cuisine, you will find beautiful illustrations of Italian architecture at the restaurant.

Mushroom Risotto and Seared Patridge are the highest-rated dishes of this place. Its exact location is Florence’s Four seasons hotel. So next time when you land in Florence don’t miss out on this one.


This Combal.Zero restaurants are situated in Rivoli this restaurant was ranked 65 in this list of the world’s 50 best restaurants list. Apart from that this restaurant also holds two Michelin stars. With this, you can easily judge how amazing this restaurant is.

Its specialty lies in serving the classic cuisine of Piedmont. If your tastebuds are craving for classic cuisines then a visit to this restaurant is going to be worth it. So next time when you step into Rivoli you must visit Combal.Zero.

These are just a few very popular restaurants in Italy that we have listed here. There are a lot more for you to visit. Once you are done visiting these try exploring others as well. Because apart from pasta and pizza this wonderful Italian cuisine has much more to offer. So if your taste buds keep on craving and your mind is ready to experiment with the delicacy of Italian cuisine then it’s high time for you to take a break and plan a visit. Because always remember you only live once. Happy exploring.

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