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Should You Purchase Instagram Followers to build Brand Growth?

Are you looking to increase your Instagram followers? Let’s tackle the issue one and for all how to increase Instagram followers in the correct and incorrect method.

Do you want to grow your followers on Instagram? If one million followers are yours, followers, you would like to have 2million, and if you have 10, you’d like 20. It’s just the way our brains are wired. It’s hard to tell even if your Instagram content is great however, you’re not gaining the following you’re owed. Everybody knows that something is better to people If other people also like it also (social evidence). This is among the many reasons it is logical to build a huge Instagram followers.

It’s not worth buying Instagram followers to drive your numbers higher. It’s tempting to go down this avenue. The majority of times, issues occur very quickly. Your audience is able to easily spot fraudulent interactions. This is not just one of the issues that will be encountered.

The process of buying followers for Instagram is too simple

Companies and people with less than perfect intentions are prone to be enticed into purchasing followers. You can locate places to purchase thousands of followers for just fifty (or even 20) dollars. It’s much easier to purchase Instagram followers rather than earn them on a regular basis.

It’s also more comfortable to relax on the couch instead of going for the run. However, take a look at how it comes out. The issue is that when buying followers, you’re just paying for a specific number. False followers rarely interact with your posts (and even when they do engage, they’re usually fake and insincere). The process of gaining followers is only a small part to see the results you want on Instagram. More fake accounts you’ve created, the more difficult it is to earn the trust of an authentic followers.

Why shouldn’t you buy Instagram followers?

There are the countless reasons why you should avoid buying followers for Instagram. Here are a few most important reasons.

Fake followers do nothing to promote your brand, but real followers do.

Fake followers are the definition of being useless. No one cares about five million followers but just three likes per image. It’s unlikely to be the case, since these numbers are a bit exaggerated. However, it becomes apparent that you require a high level of engagement to make followers valuable.

Spend time building a following of real people who engage with your company. These followers will not post comments on blog posts until next year or the next month. A portion of those who you draw to your content simply because they’d like to be there.

The initial engagement you observe will fade away

Buy Instagram followers can result in a surge of high engagement initially. Initially your account will begin moving in the direction that Instagram’s algorithm expects when you begin to gain followers. But once the followers stop coming in your account will become stagnant.

Engaging in tapering isn’t going cause you to be unhappy it could be a sign that you’re not doing your job. Instagram will notice the fact that people don’t want view your content. It could show your content to prospective viewers less often. The impact of distorted performance metrics could be detrimental to you in more ways than one. Buy Facebook Likes Malaysia to get people towards your brand.

If you purchase Instagram followers and they don’t engage with your posts and your performance metrics become affected. What exactly does this mean?

  • You don’t know if your audience is watching or taking pleasure in your content.
  • Instagram traffic isn’t able to change Instagram users’ traffic to sales
  • Instagram will find and eliminate those who are not genuine followers.

Instagram’s terms specifically allow Instagram to take down fake accounts if they’re found. The Instagram team is very committed to identifying bots and eliminating the accounts. In the future, and most likely, sooner rather than later — the followers you bought will transform into money that was not really worth it. They’ll vanish eventually.

The results of your Social Media Advertising will not be effective!

One of the unique features of advertising on social media is the capability to reach your audience precisely. Instagram gives you the capability to create an audience from any person who interacts with content on your Instagram content.

If the people you follow aren’t real, the same will be your followers, and your advertisements isn’t perform. If you do have loyal Instagram followers and your ads are successful, they will increase brand recognition and ultimately sales.

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Brand Damage

It doesn’t matter if you’re an unassuming firm or a big one. If you purchase fake Instagram followers and then it’s obvious to other people that you’ve done it. Consider this for a moment, if someone realizes that you’ve been untruthful in the acquisition of your followers. What are their chances to believe in your product?

Every touch point you make from a digital point of view can be identified from five years ago to the present. While as businesses and brands we constantly improve and innovate our products and services, our past achievements, which we were proud of is now a distant memory of the expectations of our times. Our values and integrity must always be a constant reminder.

A properly-designed Instagram account that is properly set up happy customers, a satisfied customer base, and content that is of high quality is always a good idea. It is more likely that you will be featured on the Explore page, and your content will be seen by more users. You’ll be proud of the Instagram account that you’ve created from day 1 until day 100.

Should you purchase Instagram followers? The answer is a clear no. You must create a webpage that you are happy with and use all the aspects you can while keeping your integrity.


  • Post the appropriate time
  • Use discoverable Hashtags
  • Create Competitions
  • Create signatures for e-mails using your profile
  • Every day, you must show up
  • Develop a brand that is in line with your mission and goals

Transparency in 2020 will mean everything! Make sure you have an Instagram account you’re proud of, but don’t let your rivals pay for followers, as they will come back to you. Since, as they say in life and business, “how you do anything is the way you handle everything else.”

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