Step By Step Process To Add Facebook Feed To Wix Website

Wix is a go-to platform if you want to start an online business, promote it, or showcase your specialty. Are you looking for a way to make your Wix website attractive? This blog gives you a step-by-step process to embed Facebook feed on your website. Embedding the Facebook feed helps to boost website engagement on Wix. It helps to create social proof of your brand. Also, to build the trust of your target audience in you.

Facebook Feed is all about what you see as you open Facebook. The Feed includes the updates from people in your friend list, the photos and videos they have posted, app activity, likes and comments on your posts, status,  and more.

Facebook feed makes your Wix website more vibrant. Also, it helps you to build a strong relationship with potential customers. Facebook Feed allows you to have such exciting benefits, why not add it to your Wix website? Read further, and learn the step-by-step process to add Facebook feed on Wix website.

Steps To Add Facebook Feed To Wix Website

1. Choose The Correct Tool

Choosing a tool to start with may seem casual, but it is crucial. Firstly, you need to register yourself as a brand on the relevant social media aggregator. Tools like Taggbox, Elfsight, Flockler, and more are available.

As you finalize one such tool, you need to register with that tool. No matter which tool or social media aggregator you choose, ensure that it fulfills your requirements.

2. Design Your Facebook Widget

Once you choose a tool and register with it, you can begin designing your Facebook widget. This step requires you to select Facebook as a source to aggregate the social media posts. Embed the content you want to include in the Feed.

To design your Facebook widget, you need to give the credentials of your Facebook account. While creating your Facebook widget, you can collect the content from public pages on the platform. Or from your profile posts, page reviews, mentions, and the album of your profile. Select an option to aggregate the Facebook posts, and the widget gets created on the dashboard.

3. Curate And Customize

As you create the Facebook widget, this step requires you to curate the posts you have collected and customize if you want to. While curating the feed, you can modify it and eliminate the Facebook posts you do not wish to display in the widget.

The curation feature of the tools allows you to filter the Facebook feed you have created in the earlier step. It helps you choose the social media posts you find relevant and eliminate the remaining ones. After curating and modifying the Facebook feed, you may customize it.

To customize the Facebook widget, you get options like changing its layout, height and width, background color, and more. While customizing it, you can choose the way you want your widget to be on the Wix website.

4. Generate Your Facebook Widget Embed Code

Moving forward, once you curate and customize your Facebook widget, this step requires you to generate an embed code for your Facebook widget. The tools give you an option to get an embed code for the Facebook widget you have created with the above steps. You get the ‘embed code’ option for generating a code for your Facebook widget.

Once you get the code, the tool asks you to select a website option. You need to choose Wix to embed the widget. Copy the code you have generated.

5. Embed The Facebook Feed To  Your Wix Website

You have reached the last step to add the Facebook widget to the Wix website. As you complete the above four steps, you need to log in to the Wix admin account and find where you wish to add the Facebook widget.

After navigating a location for it, paste the copied embed code. You need to paste it into the backlink of this webpage. Save what you have just done, and congratulations! The process to add a Facebook feed to the Wix website ends with this.

Key Takeaways

Great that you have come this far. You must have understood that the more your Wix website visitors will interact with the brand through your social media, the more you have the chances to hold them with you. In short, the process requires you to choose the tool and create your widget, and then embed it on Wix.

Facebook Feed can be a strong pillar of the digital marketing strategy of your Wix website. The way you can multiply your customer engagement and have other benefits too is none other than adding the Facebook feed to your Wix webpage. You have read the step-by-step process to add a Facebook feed to your Wix website. Now, the only thing you need is to implement it right!

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