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There is a trend of takeout boxes everywhere. It is not because of trend by trend but because of the multifunctionality of takeout boxes. The worth of any product speaks for itself when it is in the hands of people. Here it is important to clarify that this piece of writing is very useful for two kinds of people. First, those who are owners of any product. Second, those who are consumers of any product, especially the food products. 

We have explained step by step guide to help you make your Custom Takeout Boxes. We have explained the instructions for product owners to order high-quality takeout boxes for their branded products. Not only this, but we have also mentioned the variety of usage of these takeout boxes in your daily life routine.

Step by Step Process to Prepare Takeout Boxes

Choose a Design & Print it

First, imagine a box shape and design before you start creating it. Download a box pattern you want to create. Remember to choose a pattern that is printable with different colors. Red and black colors are most attractive for Takeout Packaging Boxes.


If you want to make a lightbox then print the pattern directly on the cardstock. If you want to make a stronger box then first print the design on paper and then transfer it to the cardboard later. 

Cut the Cardboard into Box Pieces

Cut the prepared patterns into smooth pieces of the box. These pieces are the parts of a take-out box. The larger part of the paper will become the sides of your box. Smaller parts will be either rectangular or circular those will be used as the bottom of the box.


Be careful while cutting the pattern paper into pieces. Try your best to cut smoothly. Smooth and accurate cuts will help in making strong and safe boxes. You can also use the craft knife that is utilized to cut the papers of take-out boxes mostly. Usage of a craft knife and ruler can help you avoid mistakes while cutting the paper smoothly.

Score the Lines on Each Piece of Box

Scoring the line on the piece(s) of boxes can save your time and the quality of the boxes. Once your patterns are prepared well, take each piece one by one and mark them with proper lines. It will help you figure out the size and shape of boxes accurately. Use a pen or dull point to run the lines. Consequently, proper cutting will appear in square or rectangular shapes. 

Fold the Pieces & Glue Them

Now, fold the prepared pieces to shape them into a box. Rectangular structures of paper will become the sidewalls of the box. The square shape of the paper will be used as the bottom of the box. Once they are properly folded into a box, glue all sides of the box. Keep it in a separate place and let the glue get dry. 


Remember to glue inside the boxes not outside of the tabs then put it in a dry and sunny place.

Finalize it as a Self-Gift

Once the box gets dry, take it and check it as your Takeout Packaging Boxe is prepared. Now, it is up to you whether you decorate it or not. You can use many stickers, and stamps to make it more beautiful. Stickers can also help you seal the boxes. Secondly, you can also ribbon it with fancy stripes to make it stronger and more user-friendly.  

How Takeout Boxes can Make Your Life Easy?

Takeout boxes are trending everywhere because of their massive usage. You can use these boxes to carry the hop spicy foods once you go outside. People prefer take-out boxes to other types of packaging boxes whenever they are out for a picnic. You can also utilize them for decorating the home with beautiful plants. 

Interestingly, take-out boxes are not only user-friendly but are also eco-friendly. You can recycle them or reuse them as many times as you can. For example, you use it to carry or store your food in it, then you make it a plate to eat that food.

Important Tip for Owners of Products:

If you are the owner of products, it would be very time-consuming to make your own take-out boxes. Therefore, it is suggested to order these boxes from trusted & well-established packaging companies.

Finish Point

Custom Printed Takeout Boxes are very useful in daily life routine. You can easily make it in simple steps at your home. There are many use cases for these boxes which is why these boxes are trending everywhere. However, it is not advisable for the product owners to order these Custom Takeout Boxes boxes in bulk to save time and money.

Apart from this if you are interested to know about Makeup Packaging Boxes then visit our Business category.

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