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The Most Comprehensive List of Calisthenics Exercises for Total Body Training

What are Calisthenics exercises?

Calisthenics exercises are a kind of training where the performer uses his body weight as a load or resistance. Here a person does bodyweight exercise instead of weight lifting. The positive thing about calisthenic exercise is there are plenty of variations available for each form of exercise which you can do to make it more challenging.

In this article we are going to narrow down the best Calisthenics exercises for every single body part and guide you how to assess the effectiveness of each form

There are a total of six types of Calisthenics exercise available. We shall describe them one by one.

Let’s get started,

#1 Upper Body Pushing Exercises:

The upper body pushing exercise engages and regulates the pressing muscles of your upper extremity. These muscles include chest, the medial shoulder, the anterior shoulders, the powerful triceps. The upper body push exercise is sub-categorized into horizontal push and vertical push.

#2 Upper Body Pulling Exercises

The upper body pulling exercise engages and regulates the muscles of your back and biceps. The associated muscles are the posterior shoulders, the trapezius, biceps, the lats, the rhomboids. The upper extremity pull is also sub-categorized into vertical pull and horizontal pull.

#3 Knee Flexion Exercise 

The knee flexion exercise engages those muscles which allow you to squat down and squat back up. Muscles associated with squats are the quadriceps, the adductors, multiple active muscles in the hip, and the glutes.

# 4 Single Leg Exercises

Single leg exercises enhance the ability to balance your bodyweight with a single leg. If you’re not noticed yet. We spend maximum time with our one leg. This exercise strengthens the quadriceps, the core musculature, the adductors, all small stabilizer muscles which are not generally stimulated at the time of bilateral exercises.

#5 Hip Extension Exercise

The hip extension exercise engages and regulates the pro-active muscles of the Posterior chair to assist you in flexing and stretching the hip completely. The associated muscles are the hamstrings, lower back muscles, the glutes,  

#6 Core Stabilizing Exercise

Core stabilizing exercises are super important to get perfect abs. But do you know sit-ups and crunches are not the only options for you. You can perform core stabilizing exercise because it has the capacity to prevent the motion under body weight or load.

Okay, since we take care of the entirety of the fundamentals, we should really move onto the tomfoolery stuff.

The following a few areas will cover the full rundown of workout practices by body part and by trouble.

 Calisthenics Exercises for Your Chest and Triceps

It is for beginners

Wall push-ups

Stand nearly 4 feet away from a wall, then stretch your hand that touches the wall at shoulder width, at your chest level. Then bend your elbow and gradually go down until your forehead touches the wall.

Incline Push-ups

Take an object where you can press yourself consistently. Inclination should be higher to make that workout easy. When you grow stronger, make your incline shorter.

Kneeling Push-ups

In this form of Calisthenics exercise, you’ve to simply kneel and cross your feet behind you. The motion will be in the same intensity as a standard push-up, but here you’re not lifting the weight of your legs. 

The Standard push-up

To do standard push-ups accurately, place your hands at the level of your chest, keep your butt pressed and your abs drawn in, and just curve at the elbows. 

Your torso ought to never change its situation all through the development. Keep your scapula (or known as shoulder bones) withdrew at the lower part of the activity

 Intermediate Calisthenics Chest &Triceps Exercises

The Close Grip Push-up

Your both hands must move together. The higher triceps engagement lifts hands better. This variation alters the leverage of movement which allows your arm to become more proactive. Keep working on this particular variation until you are able to do push ups with your hands touching, which is also known as diamond push-ups.

The decline push-ups

Place your feet on a bench. Then gradually increase the amount of weight, and lift your arm simultaneously. The decline push-up engages the upper chest properly because it makes an acute angle while pressing.

The wide Grip push-ups

In the wide push-up, basically set your hands a lot farther than shoulder width. To do it appropriately, you should erupt your elbows out in excess of a standard push-up.

Parallette Push-Ups

 Gradually elevate your hands for increased range of motion which makes the push up more difficult but effective.

Advanced Calisthenics Chest & Triceps Exercises

Uneven Push-up

The uneven push-ups are designed to train each of your arms individually. Place one hand higher than the other. Then isolate the lower arm to do more work ultimately. Train both of your hands simultaneously and evenly.

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