The Most Innovative Things Happening With PEP KYC

PEPs may be eligible for exclusive identification, verification and background checks. As leaders, they have the power to influence the organisation they are associated with, which is why it is important that they are verified before joining any company. Tell us what you need and we will help you do it.

A PEP, short for politically exposed person, is a person who is or has been entrusted with a prominent public function, e.g. government official or executive in a state-owned enterprise (SOE), senior manager in a major international organisation, or senior executive of a large multinational corporation. Usually daughters and sons of powerful people are also listed as PEPs as they have grown up with access to privileged information which could potentially be abused. As such, the assets of PEPs are scrutinised more closely by banks and governments to avoid financial impropriety.

With the pep kyc, you will be able to share and view PEP’s information from a secure centralized database with any department that requires information due to their role within your organisation. They can access the name/s of PEPs, passport/id details, country of origin, position held in an organisation and also any other related data needed for identification purposes.

A pep is an acronym for Politically Exposed Person, which was coined by the United Nations in 1988. It is a person who has demonstrated a significant connection to political power within a country. The term covers all individuals on the list of officials and heads of state documents such as the U.S. Foreign Assets Control list, as well as people related by blood or marriage to an official with significant authority in a foreign country.

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