Deliver the knowledge your future clients wish

Deliver the knowledge your future clients wish

Our team has been discussing the (Buy Facebook followers)future of marketing lately. Whether because we just published our annual predictions post.

Because we blogged about how businesses should keep their eyes on the digital future.

The future of marketing often includes the customer experience, specifically how it has changed and evolved with technology.

These were the things that occupied my thoughts when I watched A Christmas Story over the holidays.

In the movie’s opening scene, Ralphie Parker and his friends are amazed at the displays in a toy shop.

Although we know Ralphie is only interested in the Red Ryder BB Gun, the boys’ expressions suggest that they would be content with any toy found in the store.

An Old Customer Journey

A Christmas Story took place in 1940. This brings us to why the scene is relevant to the discussions mentioned above about the future of marketing.

The customer journey has seen significant changes over the past 75 years. It may even change more over the next five years than in the last quarter-century.

It seems impossible. Unfathomable. Outrageous. It’s outrageous.

If you answered no, continue reading to learn how to deliver the experience that your customers want.

The Old Customer Journey is Over

The customer’s purchase journey remained the same for a long time. It didn’t have anything to do with what storeowners were doing.

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Here’s how the old customer journey looked.

Shop. Shop around. Buy.

Like Ralphie and his friends, “shopping” was like pressing your nose against a window to wait for your brain’s response. Then you would waltz into the shop and purchase it.

Storeowners did not have to worry about their customers’ minds. They just had to stock shelves and operate the tills.

 The first step is to forget about the old customer journey. Although it is evident that retail shopping has changed significantly.

The mentality behind the old customer journey remains a problem for many businesses, even in today’s digital age.

Yes, some businesses treat their digital properties as if the customer journey is still alive. Customers will find the information they need as long as it is listed and stocked.

Retaining the old customer journey is a recipe for disaster. This archaic mindset will make it easier to please your customers in the future and help you ensure that there are more of them.

The Modern Customer Journey

The digitally-driven customer journey today is more complicated than ever.

Customers are more educated and prepared to put in a lot of work to make the right purchase.

This applies to brick-and-mortar and digital purchases, with preference shifting towards the former. This is how the modern customer journey looks:

Take into account the product options. Look into brands. Seek out reviews. Ask for reviews from family and friends. You can make a digital purchase.

Let’s take, for example, a brand that sells dog food online and in-store. Customers are more likely to choose a similar path to get to their purchase.

It would help if you considered the different product options available.

Such as regular kibble or grain-free kibble and raw or organic. Look into dog food brands or pet shops that sell dog food.

See reviews. Check out the websites and social media pages of pet food retailers. Ask your family and friends to share their experiences with retailers selling dog food and dog food. You can purchase in-store or online.

Two things are critical about the modern customer journey. It isn’t straightforward, and it’s online.

One simple glance at today reveals that digital-first companies succeed and will continue winning. The rest of us won’t.

Amazon is the largest company, with a market capitalization of $900 billion. Sears, a Canadian brick-and-mortar staple, declared bankruptcy in 2017.

Bob Dylan said, “The times are changing.” How can you make sure your business thrives into the future?

Give your future customers the experience they expect

It would help if you were open about the areas where you fail to deliver the digital experience your customers want.

Digital technology is constantly evolving. We live in a digital economy.

Marketers and brands must look for new channels as consumer behavior changes to digital tech. Although it’s not easy, it is necessary to continue the pace.

Your goal is to understand how to interact with your audience and offer value in the digital world. You can create an experience that meets their needs once you know what information they want and where they get it.

Before I close, one last thought. One of the biggest problems for businesses we work with is “no time for digital.”

Don’t let this be an excuse, I promise. Spend the time to identify and understand your digital audience.

One thing is sure: Businesses that fail to get their digital act together will not survive.


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