What Do You Need for a Workplace PC?

In 2022, a lot of people are now working remotely from home. This means that the demand for portable and lightweight laptops, or indeed Chromebooks, has dropped in recent months. As was once common, more people are now opting to have a personal computer or desktop in their homes, as these options provide more power, clearer images, and faster and easier upgrades.

However, if you are opting for a workplace PC to use at home, what exactly should you look for in this machine? After all, battery life is not important, and you won’t need to ensure that it is slim enough to carry it to work in a backpack. In this article, some of the core things that your workplace PC will need will be discussed, to help you choose the best machine for the job.

Heavy Memory Capacity

Depending on the role you have, you will want a PC that has a lot of memory. This will ensure that any programs you run will not shut down or lag while you are using them. It will also allow you to save files without needing to rely on an external option such as a USB port.

PC’s have more memory power than laptops, due in part to the ability to store the memory on a larger piece of kit, such as the external tower, which is separate from the keyboard and monitor in a PC. Head over to to see the different tower types that they have.

Fast-Internet Connection

Most people working from home rely on the internet to stay in touch with those that they work with, clients, and, of course, their e-mail addresses. So, one thing you will need to ensure is that your PC can handle a fast internet connection. If you live in a remote location, you may need to have a phone line installed to ensure that you can get access to the internet as and when you need to. However, in most cases, you can opt for a wireless connection. 

External Webcam

While most laptops and tablets have built-in webcams, if you are somebody that is going to be taking part in a lot of meetings during your job, it may be wise to invest in an external webcam. This will ensure that you can see the people you are working with and that they can see you, which will allow for clearer communication. Just be sure that the webcam you choose is compatible with the operating system of the computer.

Cooling Options

When you’re opting for a PC, one of the key things you cannot overlook is the cooling options of this device. As PCs have more power than a laptop, they require more cooling to function and so the tower itself should have fans and vents built into it to keep the processor and motherboard cool. You should also be able to help your PC towers stay cool by placing fans around them to draw the heat out. The tower should also have a compartment where the heat is drawn to and cooled before being released from the machine.

Printer and Scanner

It sounds old school, but for a PC to be complete, you will need to have a printer and scanner. These can help with roles that involve writing, administration, or copying and pasting of files, such as legal work, or healthcare-based roles. These can easily be attached to a PC.

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