What Is An Executed Contract? What Are Terms And Conditions Of Executed Contract In Real Estate?

Executed contract

The definition of an executed contract varies slightly depending on the type of contract and its intended purpose. However, it can generally be defined as a signed agreement that establishes a contractual relationship between two or more parties. An executed business contract is also known as a fully signed agreement once it’s signed by all involved parties, each party agrees to uphold their legal obligations outlined in the written agreement.

Purpose of executing contract

One of the main purposes of executing a contract is so those involved can confirm that both parties have been made aware of all aspects within the terms and conditions they will be held accountable for once they’ve transferred over money or property as agreed upon in the document.

In cases where there is no actual meeting place to sign the papers, then the parties may have to rely on a physical contract of sale. In some cases, a notary may be required to make sure the document has been fully read and understood before it’s signed by both parties involved.

How to identify the type of contract?

Once you know what kind of contract is needed for your situation, then find out how you can sign a valid contract on a state-by-state basis. Next, if meeting at a specific location isn’t an option, then determine how to execute a distant or foreign contact by getting more information from local notaries about their services.

Finally, if mailing is preferred as opposed to hand delivery or being able to meet in person with the other party involved in the agreement, then get information about notarizing an out-of-state signature.

Note: A contract establishes every legal obligation that both parties are responsible for when it’s signed by both sides with their official typed signatures.

Once it’s signed, each party agrees to uphold their end of the deal according to what was noted when writing up their portion of the contact this is known as honoring one’s contractual obligations. In some cases, a breach of contract may result in legal action being taken by both parties involved.

An executed business contract can also refer to a fully signed agreement that establishes a contractual relationship between two or more parties who aren’t necessarily people it can be used to describe agreements between businesses and their customers as well.

Determination of objective           

In order to determine what happened, an objective analysis of the evidence must be performed. In the case of a conflict between two parties’ words, if they can’t both present at least one third-party witness who supports their version of events then even more crucial is that any written or physical proof related to the issue should be examined thoroughly and objectively.

This means looking at photos taken on smartphones along with official receipts for goods sold or services rendered, etc., trying to get as close as possible to being able to say “this is precisely how it was” when referring to things such as color shade, lettering size/spacing, distances, time stamps on photos or videos, etc.

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Written or physical evidence

Written or physical evidence may also come in the form of contracts that have been executed, essentially signed by both parties, even though they are not always required to do so before making a purchase or receiving a service.

For example, when you buy groceries at the local store and pay for them with cash, you don’t get any sort of receipt unless you specifically ask for one; but if you were to file a claim later on about being overcharged, what would happen? The person behind the counter would point out that there is no record available because it wasn’t necessary for this particular purchase due to the small amount involved.

Case in court

Parties can go to court in certain circumstances when they feel that the other parties have not fulfilled their obligations under the agreement. They may also seek help from an attorney if they are unsure about what constitutes a fully executed contract versus one in which only some of the parties have fulfilled their obligations.  

The court or attorney will look at whether all terms were met, rather than just how much work has been done under the agreement. If there are performance issues on part of either party, then this is something that should be taken care of before moving forward with any finalization on the accord.


For example, a buyer may have up to one year after closing to obtain financing for the purchase price of the home. If this happens, at closing the contract will state that the buyer has waived their right to receive certain documents or pay any money due under the contract unless there is proof within 30 days of closing that they have obtained an acceptable loan commitment letter from a lender. Once proof is provided and accepted by all parties involved in the transaction, including real estate agents on behalf of their clients, then the contract would again become fully executed.

Satisfaction of buyer

You are responsible for making sure that buyers meet all their obligations under the agreement, including obtaining financing or other required authorizations and satisfying any contingencies to keep the escrow open. If they don’t meet these obligations, you may need to find another buyer willing to buy your property in an arms-length transaction where you are not representing either party.

This can be time consuming and may result in a lower sales price or even worse losing your home. You could also lose money by having to pay fees associated with cancelling agreements on short notice if potential buyers aren’t able to qualify for loans within 30 days after signing paperwork to purchase your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is executed contract in real estate?

Executed contract in real estate is also simple. Both parties must be agree on terms and conditions and then signed. This will happen in real estate.

  • Who will sign the contract first?

It does not matter that who will sign the first important thing is that both parties must be agree and both have to sign the document.

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