What Is Canada’s PGP, And Why Is It So Beneficial?

The Parents and Grandparents Program of Canada’s PGP allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor Canada immigration with family. Parents and grandparents selected under this program are then eligible to become permanent residents of the country and even apply for citizenship. The Canada’s PGP program accepted around 30,000 applications for the year 2021 and is expected to have around 40,000 applications anytime in 2022.

PGP Eligibility Requirements:

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Canada (IRCC) invites applications and uses a random invitation system or a lottery method to choose the Canada’s PGP applicants. Potential sponsors are selected based on their eligibility match score and invited to apply to the program. They fill a form of interest through a new Permanent Resident Digital Intake tool. The immigration process is made simple and speedy through digitalization. The sponsor must meet the following criteria requirements:

  • Must be a citizen of Canada or a permanent resident of Canada.
  • Match income requirements to sponsor the migration to Canada from India for 3-20 years. The financial requirements may vary depending on the relationship of the sponsor, age, and health criteria.
  • Must support and sponsor the dependents or family needs financially.

The exact process applies to Quebec province and must separately meet the Quebec government’s immigration requirement and sign a sponsorship agreement with the province. In both cases, the applicants selected on the random draw system are offered 60 days to complete and submit the sponsorship agreement.

Application prerequisites and procedures:

The sponsor applying for the Parents and Grandparents program must meet a few prerequisites for submission and submit the following in the IRCC portal.

  • Must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • Make an e-copy of the passport size photograph and proof of residence in Canada.
  • Enter personal details as available in the proof of status submitted
  • Country of birth to be mentioned. 
  • Fill in your complete residential address in Canada to consider Canada immigration with family.
  • Update email address
  • The number of people who are your immediate family (spouse, children)
  • Any already sponsored or financially dependent relatives (if any)
  • The total number of people interested in sponsoring and details of their dependents
  • Personal details of the parents and grandparents for sponsoring
  • Passport number or proof of status document number
  • Attach an e-signature
  • Must complete and clear a medical screening test, ensuring that the dependents do not cost much to Canada’s PGP healthcare system

However, one cannot apply if they are below 18 years of age, a temporary resident of Canada, or have failed to provide financial support under a sponsorship agreement previously.

Benefits of PGP:

The parents and grandparents chosen under this program can enjoy all benefits such as Canadian permanent residence and even apply for Canadian citizenship. They even have permission to work in Canada, claim health care options, and qualify for Canadian law protection. Apart from all this, the sponsors have the chance to get back with their loved ones. This is because Canadian society strongly believes that a happy family is the backbone of society.

Through various forms of research, the Canadian government has proved that parents and grandparents contribute to and improve household income. They benefit the economy by improving purchasing power. Around 70% of the families who migrate to Canada from India own homes in Canada. Having parents and grandparents support at home can enable the sponsors to work for more hours as they provide child care at home. Parents and grandparents who prove to the Canadian government that they will not cost heavily in their pockets for healthcare will be accepted into the program.

PGP tenure:

The length of undertaking for the Parents and Grandparents program is 20 years. It is ten years in the case of Quebec province. The obligations as a sponsor begin on the date when the dependents migrate to Canada from India and become permanent residents of Canada. The sponsor signs an agreement with the Canadian government to take responsibility for financially providing for the dependents as mentioned in the agreement.

Co-signer applicant:

For a sponsor to meet the Minimum Income Requirement (MIR), they can have a spouse or a common-law partner as their co-applicant. The sponsor, along with the co-applicant, must provide proof of income for a period of three taxation years from before the data of the application. Both of the applicants enter the agreement of sponsorship with the Canadian government to provide for their dependents. A sponsor can choose to have only one parent or grandparent of their choice for support but must list the other living parent or a grandparent in the application.


Canada immigration with family is an excellent initiative from the country to reunite the permanent residents with their loved ones. It not only enhances sponsorship but also clearly states in the agreement that the persons who were becoming permanent residents would make sure that they support themselves financially.

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