What to Know about Cavoodles Breed? Should You Get One?

Having a pet at home is a great thing. Even if you want a small breed, you can find the options. You can check out small breed puppies for sale in Brisbane and ensure that you get a puppy at home that is a great addition for you!

Why not just go for the breed called Cavoodles? Yes, this breed is even known as Cavoodles. These are one of the most loved and even popular dogs in the region of Australia. Their fun nature, even combined with a low shedding coat, make them the perfect type of pet for families having children or mild allergy sufferers. 

Not sure where to get your first puppy? You can check out Serenity Bay Puppies as they are a licensed Cavoodle breeder. All of their puppies come with a health check and even proper DNA screening for genetic problems relevant to the breed to make sure you are getting the happiest, healthiest type of puppy.

Basics about Cavoodles

Cavoodles are the simple designer hybrid of crossing a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel having either a Toy or even Miniature Poodle.  Many genetic ailments prone to the purebred parents are receding gene mutations. Offspring requires two copies of a mutation to get affected. First generation Cavoodles inherit a collection of genes from a Poodle parent and even the other, from a Cavalier.  This massively decreases the possibilities of a first generation Cavoodle puppy developing the hereditary ailment of a purebred puppy.  You can always go for the puppies that are absolutely healthy and safe. There are parents of Cavoodle puppies who have been DNA tested for hereditary diseases disposed to their specific breed. 

Moreover, you know one exciting thing about Cavoodles is that they are graced with the lovely and charming temperament of the Cavalier and the high intelligence and even low shedding coat of the Poodle.  These are absolutely fun, loyal and massively trainable.  If you start early, house training, even socialisation and tricks, can be productively taught.  Friendly and even affectionate, Cavoodles do really well with small children and other types of pets.  These have specifically been bred for human companionship and even should not be considered as an ‘outdoor’ dog.

Moreover, if you live in a small flat or an apartment you should consider this breed. Their tiny size makes them perfect for apartments as well as city living.  you can be sure that you have a puppy and that too without any space issues or otherwise. The age span of this breed is quite good. You can expect between ten fifteen years of their companionship!  Moreover, if you think you have only one colour in this breed then that is not true.

Most of the common colours are ruby (gold or even red), black, apricot, even cream and black and tan but you can also find them in less common colours such as chocolate, Blenheim, tricolour and even latte. You can literally choose one that you feel is going to be perfect for you.


To sum up, you can check out the Cavoodle breed and get one for your house. You would be highly impressed with the presence of this cute small breed.

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