What’s The Difference Between a Wedding Ring and an Eternity Ring?

Changing or evolving with the time, situation and trend is the rule of life and human nature as well. Recent years changed traditions and living styles of people. Modern couple have turn the order of purchasing an eternity ring as ritually it was a ring to be given by life partner on significant moment of relationship. Read this blog to learn the difference between a wedding and an eternity ring.

Tricky men buy the eternity ring to wear as wedding ring because of its minimal and classic appearance. For this Reason many people are confused between the duo. We will be covering the difference here to make you understand, if you are the one.

Eternity Ring

 Eternity Ring

The eternity rings are traditionally given to spouse from the other spouse on the benchmark events in their relation such as anniversary or the birth of first child. It is sometimes given in addition of engagement or wedding ring.

The eternity or infinity ring generally have a particular style with studded diamonds on the entire ring and called full eternity ring. The reason behind this style of eternity ring is the symbolism of everlasting love.

Some couples find themselves comfortable wearing the eternity band which have diamonds on the top front part of it because its not bother while using your hands for work so as called half eternity ring.

Preferably diamonds and precious metal is to be included to craft a perfect diamond eternity ring. Though the gemstone studded eternity rings also in trend which give a special meaning to it as few gemstones are considered the birthstone.

Usually the eternity ring is worn on the ring finger of left hand. Of course it is a matter of your comfort and style you can place it on any finger including thumb.

Wedding Ring

Traditionally Wedding rings are worn by a married couple on the occasion of their wedding as symbolic and representation of unbroken circle of love. During the ceremony, the husband places the wedding ring on the ring finger of the bride and vice versa.

There is no ‘such best style’ of wedding ring. The styles of it can be best suited to you from the available designs. More or less it depends on your individual fashion style and comfort of jewelry preferences. Many modern brides like to mix and match their ring style.

When it comes to find your wedding ring most of the people prefer a Diamond wedding ring as diamond is the most beautiful stone to have in ring. Precious metal like gold is the best companion of diamonds as gold composed diamond ring appears best with its sparkle and texture.

Diamonds are quite expensive as not affordable for all in such a case one can decide to take gemstone studded wedding ring as the best alternate of it while moving for purchasing an eternity ring.

Wedding ring is typically placed in the ring finger of left hand believing that the vain from it is directly connected to the heart. Your relationship will grow fruitful if you wear yourring on this finger. Well !! this fact is not alive but the custom is still alive to wearing the wedding band over ring finger.

Buying a Wedding Band

Traditional wedding bands tend to be plain, polished and cast in a hard-wearing precious metal like gold or platinum. Often their modest designs are reflective of a need for comfort, practicality and longevity. This doesn’t mean that conventional wedding bands are all same and no such diamond wedding bands are there.

Some couples also want to shop symmetrically design wedding band with same stone or engraving. Nowadays customization is also offered where you can apply your idea of design to the ring.

Buying an Eternity Band 

There are such moments and occasions when couples want to celebrate their never-ending love with the gift of a diamond eternity ring. Indeed, an eternity ring is often the second most important fine jewelry purchase a couple makes.

Mix and match with ring style, stone and metal is also possible when it comes to customize your eternity ring. You need to decide your kind of Ring which suits to your life style and your budget.

There can be many name for this circle ring such as eternity ring, eternity band, diamond eternity band and so on the one such fact is common that all these fine jewelry pieces represents pure and unconditional love for each other between the couple. Either it is a wedding ring or eternity ring.


At the end eternity rings have been called many things throughout the generations and they have come to represent many different things to many different people. While weddings rings however have had a single universal purpose.

Both types of ring can be exchanged during the wedding vows and you will find new styles of diamond jewelry within the range of eternity rings. You are also able to give an eternity ring for a special occasion in any of the partners life.

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