Why should you avoid cheap personalized boxes?

Why should you avoid cheap personalized boxes?

Every business selling products through online marketplaces or retail stores needs packaging. However, custom packaging can benefit them more than a standard one. Firms can get cheap Personalized boxes in the desired designs and sizes. They can even choose from material options like cardboard, eco-friendly bux board, Kraft paper, etc.

Popular custom options that make these boxes appealing are the die-cut windows, embossing, foiling, scoring, gluing, and foiling. Businesses can stay unique from the competition by availing these features. This customization also involves printing the desired graphical design over these boxes. Offset and digital printers are a preferred choice for completing the printing process. These printers support the CMYK printing schemes that provide a design rich in colors. Moreover, the brands can choose the finishes and add-ons to make this packaging appealing.

Personalized packaging has become an effective practice for businesses to gain rapid recognition in the market. Specifically, the brands opt for it to stay distinctive in the market. However, most of those brands prefer getting cheap personalized boxes to save money while taking such benefits. Experts recommend avoiding using such cheap packaging because it could go negative in favor of the businesses. Learn the reasons why you should avoid their use.

Cheap personalized boxes damage brand repute:

No doubt, the cheap boxes can save a lot of money for the brands. They can invest this saved money to expand the business operations. However, their impact on the consumers in longer terms damages brand reputation. Such packaging often comes with a compromised quality to reduce the manufacturing costs. Therefore, it has less resistance against damaging factors. In this way, the edges often get crushed during transportation. As a result, the external layers start losing their charm after a short time.

Moreover, the print also starts fading. These factors collectively create a negative perception of the brands in people’s minds. As a result, buyers avoid buying their desired products from the brands that deliver their items in low-quality packaging.

Products remain prone to get damaged:

One of the primary purposes for which businesses use packaging is protecting items. Delicate items are permanently damaged during transportation, loading, and unloading. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid using personalized boxes that are cheap and less resistant. Usually, packaging providers use several times recycled materials for such boxes to reduce the costs.

However, such materials have loose fibers and can’t eliminate the damage factor. Hence, a brand should always be careful in the selection of packaging. It is necessary to partner with packaging partners that blend fresh pulp and recycling material. Moreover, ensure to use the additional layers of cardboard with inserts for enhanced protection. 

Cheap personalized boxes carry less weight:

Sturdy and premium quality personalized boxes wholesale can carry additional weight. It benefits brands to launch a promotional campaign to provide something extra at the exact cost. However, it could be a disaster if a box cannot carry that much weight. Cheap packaging even carries the original product weight with a risk of splitting the box base.

Buyers would never consider buying the products from such a brand that has led them to have a bad buying experience. So, always try to avoid packaging that loses loyal customers. Buy the custom boxes after testing them in a lab environment that either they can carry product weight or not.  

Have a less lifetime with no reusability:

There is often a gap between the product manufacturing and reach to the retail stores. Products have to go through a long process like shipping to far situated places. Moreover, the retail stores often buy the products in bulk and keep them in the warehouses. Using the cheap packaging boxes near me is not a good idea to preserve items for a longer duration.

Dry foods and apparels specifically require more protection from environmental factors. Therefore, it is essential to use secure packaging. However, the cheap packaging is unable to keep them in fresh condition. Buyers can get frustrated for having a bad experience because of the lost freshness. Cheap packaging cannot resist the moisture and dust that impact products badly. 

Results in wrong printing output:

Printing over the packaging is an inevitable need of businesses. They often use it as a promotional medium for indoor marketing because of its effectiveness and lower cost. However, only reliable and quality material could provide an accurate print. The cheap boxes cannot present the printed content with that much elegance and charm.

A poor quality material often results in color variation and ink shift because of the less absorbing ability. This bad print output does not catch consumers’ attention visiting the retail stores. Packaging with a bad print pushes buyers to go with any other brand.

All these reasons are fair enough to avoid the cheap personalized boxes for quality products. People would neglect items simply on the first impression left while interacting with such packaging. As a result, your businesses will continuously face low sales problems. But on the other hand, investing money in packaging will boost sales and business growth. 

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