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You Guide to Get Most Out of Your Floor Standing Vanity Units

With the growing need to store items in the bathroom, there is a high demand for bathroom storage furniture. While you can choose between floor standing vanity units or wall-hung-style vanities, there are many factors that influence your choice of storage. In case you are looking to increase the storage or want a new vanity unit, it is important that you know about the important thing related to them.

When you plan for storage, there are two major things that should be a top priority for the right choice. The first is practicality. It should offer you enough storage capacity in accordance with your current and future needs. While the second is aesthetics. Regardless of the storage, whether floor standing vanity units or a floating style, it should perfectly complement the overall theme of the bathroom.

In this article, we are going to provide you with information on some important matters related to bathroom storage.

Are Floor Standing Vanity Units Any Good?

The choice of a vanity unit depends on various factors. There is no one size fit all approach for making sure your vanity is right for you. These factors include your personal preference, available space, budget, style and storage needs, etc. A floor standing vanity unit is a great option depending on the factors that you should consider. For example, a floor-standing option can be suitable for a small bathroom if you want to make it feel luxurious. Although, such style is a better option for medium or large bathrooms. But since your preference changes, it will have a chance on style. Contrary to that, the same style may not be suitable in terms of space occupancy.

Can you Put Floor Standing Vanity Unit Against the Wall?

Yes, generally, floor standing vanity unit fits against the wall. It is due to the availability of plumbing inlet and out, in addition to basin drainage for the water, that makes a spot against the wall a better place for such installation. Another reason for preferring such a spot is that many people love to have a mirror in accordance with their height to make use of it while washing themselves. It is obvious you can not do it other than fixing the vanity against the wall.

Does a Floor Standing Vanity Need to be Attached to the Wall?

There are a lot of misconceptions that a floor standing vanity unit does not need to attach to the wall. But in fact, all types of vanities, including freestanding ones, will need some type of fixing to the wall. Although, this type of vanity directly sits on the floor as an independent unit. That means it can withhold its weight, but you will still need to anchor these with the wall for safer use.

What is The Best Height for a Floor Standing Vanity Unit?

The height of a vanity unit directly affects its usability. If it is too high or too low for users, then it will create discomfort for a while using it. However, for a comfortable height, you should be for around 30 inches from the floor to the top surface of the vanity unit. However, with a worktop sink, the total will add to 5 or 6 inches to it, making it around 35 inches. It is up to decide what height do you want for your bathroom.

Are Freestanding Vanity Units Traditional or Contemporary Style?

Generally, people think that the floor standing vanity units are for a traditional bathroom. And there is a truth in it to some extent. Initially, most of such vanities were traditional. Perhaps, it would not be wrong to say that these are modified forms of household furniture. That is highly inspired by a cabinet that we have in our homes. The difference comes from the material and the fitting of the worktop sink over it. However, manufacturers realized its need and practicality for even contemporary bathroom designs. So, today you can easily find prefabrication of modern design elements over these vanities.

Final Thoughts about Floor Standing Vanity Units

The floor standing vanity units are a great addition to both modern and classic bathrooms. With ample storage capacity and various style options like single and double sink vanities, these can be a great fit for any space. However, you should consider your bathroom layout, size, and overall theme before deciding about getting one of these storages. You can get the latest bathroom furniture packs at Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK.

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