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5 Considerations When Choosing Between Gas or Diesel

Getting the best bang for your vehicle budget is critically important as fuel prices climb. How much vehicle capacity do you need on a daily basis? What are your driving habits and how much distance do you have to cover? Read the article to know about choosing between gas or diesel. Figuring out the right engine and vehicle for your needs may be easier if you consider the tips below.

How Much Power Do You Need?

What kind of terrain are you driving through each day, and how big a vehicle do you need? If you drive a large SUV because you have a big family and the roads in your area are challenging, a diesel may be a good choice. If your region is not terribly hilly and you’re just hauling yourself or a small family, a small gas-powered car may give you all the space and power you need.

If you live in snow country and have gotten used to 4 wheel drive, a smaller front-wheel-drive may serve. However, if your region gets a lot of snow or monsoon-style rains, you may need more clearance than a car can provide.

What’s Your Budget?

A new diesel will cost more, but will probably last longer than a gasoline-powered vehicle. A gasoline-powered vehicle will be cheaper to maintain and repair. If you have great credit and can easily get a car loan but don’t have much savings, diesel may not be a great choice.

The vehicles built to house a diesel engine are generally heavier and more sturdy than a smaller gasoline-powered vehicle. You can expect more life out of them. However, if you suffer a catastrophic failure of an engine and need to find a CAT3306 Engine for Sale, having a decent repair budget is critical.

What Size Vehicle Do You Require

In the past, it may have been tempting to get the biggest vehicle you could afford for the flexibility. However, the fuel prices of today may force you to reconsider; a smaller vehicle that suits 90% of your needs may be a better choice.

Of course, safety is critical in this choice. Do you need a taller vehicle, or do you feel safer in a taller vehicle? Because it can be hard to find passenger vehicles and family vehicles, such as a minivan, with a diesel engine, you may have never considered getting a diesel. However, swapping your minivan for an SUV could be the change you need to make to improve your options on rough roads or during hazardous weather.


Diesel historically doesn’t do well in cold weather. If you live in a cold country, you may have been turned off of diesel because of the risk of fuel gelling. However, modern diesel technology has a much higher tolerance for cold weather. In fact, there are many drivers in isolated areas of Canada and Alaska who swear by their diesel vehicles.

Of course, a cold country also increases the risk of corrosion, which can destroy the frame of any vehicle over time. If you are planning to invest in diesel and snow, salt and sand are part of your winters, make the investment to protect the underside of your vehicle and the frame to avoid corrosion damage.

Finding a Mechanic

Before you invest in a diesel, find a local diesel mechanic that has a good reputation. Because your diesel will last for longer than a gasoline-powered vehicle, you’ll also want to make sure that your diesel mechanic has a continuity plan!

If your mechanic is an older person, check out the other technicians. Is this shop going to be around when your mechanic retires, or will you have to find another diesel mechanic? There are a lot of shops that work on gas-powered engines, but a diesel mechanic may be a rarity in your region.

Consider also improving your shade tree skills. You may be ready to buy a few tools and learn the basics. For example, you can learn to change your own oil. Because a diesel oil change takes a lot more oil, this can be a great way to keep costs down.

If you’re going to buy a diesel, make sure you have a healthy repair budget and that you really like the vehicle. These cars and trucks can last for a very long time and can be a great investment. Be vigilant about maintenance and consider improving your skills to do some of your own basic maintenance.

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