Instagram Hacks To Improve Your Stories

Instagram is no more just a picture sharing application. Over the years Instagram has evolved into a platform that supports all its users to excel and grow their business and popularity over the application. Instagram has a number of features that catch the attention of users, but the most popular and used feature of Instagram is Stories. Instagram stories are a way to share audio, video and even text content from daily life onto your timeline on Instagram. It never fails to astound us with the amazing popularity that Instagram stories enjoy. People place their best content on stories to get maximum views and engagement. For e-commerce businesses Instagram stories are the best way to reach out to maximum customers. This blog details your Instagram hacks to improve your reach through Instagram stories.

Use live stickers for stories

The best way to level up your story game is through opening your stories for engagement. Live stockers allow you to pose questions and polls, which interests user’s to respond to your poll. This helps them take part in your business and profile. Using live stickers is the best way to up your story game and engagement on Instagram and reach out better.

Plan your content

Planning your content is vital. But how do you do this? This is not something you can ace in a day. Post stories regularly and check the number of views each of the stories is getting. Check which type of content works for your profile the best. Over a month note this and then plan your content using this information to get more views.

Inspire and reuse ideas

Now here’s our final yet best hack to do better on stories. it is not always important to draft a completely new story; you can re-use the content from others’ stories as well. Re-sharing stories helps you build relations while enticing similar effects on your profile. You can download any user’s story and either re-use them or draft a similar story. This helps save the muscle and brain you would otherwise put. In order to download any Instagram story, use a safe and best third-party application StoriesIG. It helps you download any Instagram story easily and directly into your gallery. You can use it or access the software from their website.

Use the power of colour and contrast

     A dull story with plain text is similar to a book with no pictures. Make sure you use the colour wheel to its fullest when planning your story. Add a captivating background that is bright and colourful to your story. This helps user’s look at your story rather than just swiping past it.

Create on brand content

Instagram stories are viewed by millions of users every day. Whenever you post content on stories make sure you include something from your brand in it. This helps people know about you. It is not important for people to view your story every day but whenever they view it they should get to know about the brand. Make this branding process your habit necessarily.

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