An Extensive Guide About What Is Metal Roofing And What Are Metal Roofing Prices New York?


If you want to invest in protecting your roof for a long time in New York, you should consider installing metal roofing. Metal roofing is one of the finest quality roofing systems in the modern era. By installing metal roofing, the value of your residential and commercial buildings enhance significantly.

Metal roofing prices in New York are very high compared to other roofing isolations, but this high investment pays you perfectly. If you invest in other roofing systems like tiles, asphalt, or rubber, the cost may be, but this roofing insulation has a short lifespan.

In this article, you will learn about metal roofing in New York, including a basic understanding of metal roofing, prices in New York, and other interesting information about it.

Metal roofing

All the roofing systems made up of metal are known as metal roofing. For this system, different metals are used like:

  • Aluminum
  • Tin
  • Zinc
  • Copper

Using metal roofing is very beneficial for your home or business building. It gains more vital if you want to invest in a long-term roofing system. There are multiple reasons to choose this roofing system over others. Some key reasons are:

  • Longer life span
  • Sturdiness
  • Very low maintenance cost
  • Easy installation
  • Good return on invested money

Most contractors consider metal roofing a one-time investment because it can almost have a lifetime. See for more details.

Metal roofing prices in New York

After knowing much about metal roofing, it’s time to know about the metal roofing prices in New York. Metal roofing is more expensive than regular roofing insulations. The average price of metal roofing in New York is between eleven thousand two hundred dollars and sixty-one thousand three hundred dollars.

This price heavily depends on the total roof area in square feet and the type of metal you are using for your roof. If you have a roof area of about fifteen hundred square feet, you have to spend around twenty-one thousand and five hundred fifty US dollars for complete metal roofing.

Metal roofing price per square foot

Suppose you have a different roof size, then it is better to know the price of metal roofing per square foot. The price of metal roofing in New York is between eleven dollars to seventeen dollars per square foot. Again, this price also varies according to the type of metal roofing and total roof area.

Metal roofing prices in New York according to metal type

Different metals have different characteristics and prices. That’s why after the roof area, the metal type greatly impacts metal roofing price. If you are considering Aluminum metal roofing, your cost of metal roofing is around three to nine dollars per square foot.

Similarly, the copper metal roofing price is about ten to nine dollars per square foot. The price of copper metal roofing in New York is the highest among all other types of metal roofing.

Steel metal roofing costs about six to twelve dollars per square foot.

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you most likely get an idea of Metal roofing prices in New York City. It is concluded that metal roofing is a wise investment. Because the life span of this roofing system is more significant as compared to any other roofing system. The prices of metal roofing vary from very low to high due to several factors.


  • Which is cheaper, metal or shingles roofing?

Either way, you can be sure that it will not be a cheap option. So, a metal roof will always be more expensive than shingles. It is not just the cost of the metal panels that make a metal roof more expensive than an asphalt roof, but it is also the fact that metal roofs require more skill and labor to install.

  • What is the best color for a metal roof?

Black and red are the best matches, as is bare metal. The yellow color of the buildings is appealing and sunny, but the roof should contrast with the color. Muted Shades will be the best choice here, so go with black, brown, and gray. The color blue is also a good choice, however, do not choose very bright shades.

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