A Detailed Guide About Michael Sorvino Net Worth, Movies, Age, Career, Height, Personal Life, Awards, and More

Michael Sorvino

In Hollywood’s vast and dynamic world, some actors leave an indelible mark on the industry with their exceptional talent and captivating performances. Michael Sorvino is one such actor who has steadily made waves through his remarkable career. From his impressive filmography to his personal life, let’s delve into the life and achievements of Michael Sorvino, including Michael Sorvino net worth, movies, age, career, height, personal life, awards, and more.

Net Worth$7 million
MoviesSome of his notable film credits include “Goodfellas” (1990), where he portrayed the character of Frankie Carbone, a role that earned him critical acclaim. He also appeared in “Romeo + Juliet” (1996), “The Trouble with Cali” (2012), and “The Great Fight” (2018), among others.
Age45 years old
CareerEstablished actor in Hollywood
Height6 feet 1 inch (185 cm)
Personal LifePrivate individual, close relationship with father Paul Sorvino
AwardsRecognition for outstanding performances

Michael Sorvino Net Worth

Michael Sorvino net worth is estimated to be around $7 million. However, it’s important to note that net worth figures can fluctuate over time due to career earnings, investments, and other financial ventures.


Michael Sorvino has appeared in a variety of movies throughout his career. Some of his notable film credits include “Goodfellas” (1990), where he portrayed the character of Frankie Carbone, a role that earned him critical acclaim. He also appeared in “Romeo + Juliet” (1996), “The Trouble with Cali” (2012), and “The Great Fight” (2018), among others.

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Age and Early Life

Michael Sorvino was born in New York City on November 13, 1959, making him 63 years old. He comes from a talented family, with his father, Paul Sorvino, a renowned actor, and his sister, Mira Sorvino, also achieving great success in the acting industry.

Career Breakthrough and Notable Movies

Michael Sorvino’s career began to gain traction with his breakthrough role in the 2007 crime drama “The Trouble with Cali.” The film, directed by his father, Paul Sorvino, showcased Michael’s acting prowess and marked his entry into the industry.

Since then, Michael has appeared in numerous notable movies, delivering impressive performances that have garnered critical acclaim. Some of his significant works include “Guns, Girls and Gambling” (2012), “The Wannabe” (2015), “The Bronx Bull” (2016), and “Made in Chinatown” (2021). Each of these films has showcased Michael’s versatility as an actor, allowing him to portray a diverse range of characters with conviction.


Sorvino began his acting career in the late 1980s and quickly gained recognition for his performances. His breakthrough role came in 1990 when he appeared in Martin Scorsese’s crime drama “Goodfellas.” His portrayal of Frankie Carbone, a member of the mob, showcased his acting skills and opened doors for more opportunities in the industry.

Apart from his work in movies, Sorvino has also made television appearances. He has appeared in popular shows such as “Law & Order,” “The Practice,” and “CSI: NY.” His performances have been praised for their intensity and authenticity, further establishing his reputation as a talented actor.


Michael Sorvino stands approximately 6 feet tall (183 cm), adding to his commanding presence on screen.

Personal Life

Regarding his personal life, Michael Sorvino prefers to keep a low profile. Details about his relationships and family life are not widely known. Sorvino has focused primarily on his career, dedicating himself to his craft and delivering memorable performances to his audience.


Throughout his career, Michael Sorvino has received recognition for his acting talent. While he may not have garnered major awards or nominations, his performances have been lauded by critics and fans alike. His portrayal of Frankie Carbone in “Goodfellas” remains one of his most memorable roles, contributing to the film’s overall acclaim.

Future Projects and Endeavors

With his established presence in Hollywood, Michael Sorvino continues to explore new avenues in the entertainment industry. He remains committed to honing his craft and taking on challenging roles that push the boundaries of his abilities. Fans can eagerly anticipate his upcoming projects, where he will deliver captivating performances again.


Michael Sorvino’s journey in Hollywood serves as an inspiration to aspiring actors worldwide. He has carved a niche in the industry with his talent, dedication, and family legacy. From his noteworthy movies to his personal life, Michael Sorvino continues to captivate audiences with his on-screen presence. As he embarks on new projects and ventures, it is clear that his star will only continue to rise, solidifying his place among the talented actors of his generation.

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Who are Michael Sorvino’s famous family members?

Michael Sorvino comes from a talented family. His father is the renowned actor Paul Sorvino, and his sister is the accomplished actress Mira Sorvino.

What are some notable movies in which Michael Sorvino has appeared?

Michael Sorvino is known for his role as Frankie Carbone in the critically acclaimed film “Goodfellas” (1990). He has also appeared in movies such as “Romeo + Juliet” (1996), “The Trouble with Cali” (2012), and “The Great Fight” (2018).

Has Michael Sorvino received any awards for his acting?

While Michael Sorvino may not have received significant awards or nominations, his performances have been praised by critics and audiences alike. His portrayal of Frankie Carbone in “Goodfellas” remains one of his most memorable roles.

Has Michael Sorvino appeared in any television shows?

Yes, Michael Sorvino has made appearances on television shows such as “Law & Order,” “The Practice,” and “CSI: NY,” showcasing his versatility as an actor.

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