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Is Artificial Grass Really Better than a Real Lawn?

Countless debates concerning fake and natural turf have been ongoing for years. However, the use of fake grass seems to be gaining traction recently. Every homeowner wants to achieve impeccable aesthetics in their home.

One of the areas people tend to emphasize is the lawn. The appearance of your lawn not only impacts your home aesthetics but also has some emotional value. It is no surprise that every homeowner hopes to have a perfect natural turf on their lawn. However, not everyone can achieve this.

As a result, most people have resorted to installing fake turf. If you debate whether artificial grass is better for your home, you may have to read the guide below.

Artificial grass is more beautiful than real Lawn

1. It is Cost-Effective

Fake grass installation in Cleveland or wherever you may live is quite costly. However, it would be best to dwell not on the one-time cost but on the long-time money you get to save. After its installation, you never have to worry about expenses such as increased water bills or maintenance.

Fake grass never needs to be watered regularly. It only needs to get a deep clean twice a year. As a result, you get guaranteed that you save money by cutting down the use of hosepipes or sprinklers on your lawn. Also, you never have to budget to purchase garden equipment such as lawnmowers, hoses, or sprinklers as their need gets eliminated on installation.

2. Low Maintenance

The allure of low maintenance brought by installing fake grass has made it enticing to many homeowners. Natural grass comes with real work, including mowing, fertilizing, and even seeding.

The natural grass will especially demand a lot of your attention during the hot summer, where it will need you to water it to maintain its pristine look constantly! However, if you are always busy, you may find the maintenance a considerable inconvenience. You can mitigate the need for such high care by switching to fake grass. By doing so, you just need to worry about the bi-annual cleaning and occasional touch-ups.

3. It Remains The Same All Year Round

The one advantage fake turf has over natural grass is the idea of looking the part all the way through. Therefore, you are guaranteed that your grass will never change despite the extreme weather conditions such as the scorching summer or chilling frost experienced during winter.

Natural grass gets affected by temperature changes such as during the summer, it changes color and loses its rigidness. Artificial grass will not present you with this problem. For instance, most of the artificial turfs created today now have additional UV-resistance traits that prevent them from degradation. As a result, their color remains unchanged and their appearance stays radiant.

4. Allows For Customization

Don’t you love it when you can include any turf color in your home? They manufacture fake turfs nowadays that come in a variety of colors. Therefore, you are the one who gets tasked with choosing one that can suit your lawn.

Besides, whenever you have an issue identifying the right one, you can always consult with your installation service to get an expert opinion. Additionally, when it gets to customization, it is not limited to color.

You can also customize the design and texture of the fake turf you need, offering you the chance to manage even the smallest details of your new lawn, including trimming length and grass profile.

5. Improved Health

A lot of people underestimate the health impact fake turf installation has. To maintain natural grass, you may have to purchase pesticides and fertilizers. However, these chemicals are pretty harmful to your body once inhaled.

Some can even harm your skin when you contact the treated natural grass. It is not uncommon to have homeowners with natural grass pumping them with pesticides and herbicides to rid them of moss.

6. Child and Pet Friendly

You are guaranteed improved safety for your children once you install fake grass in their play area. The fake turf is devoid of splinters. Therefore, you never have to worry about any scratches whenever they fall.

Also, you experience an easy cleaning time when you have pets. The grass remains unaffected by the components in your pet’s waste and is durable enough for them not to dig through the surface. Besides, you only need to clean it using a mild detergent, much less work and water than you would use repairing a traditional lawn.

Closing Thought

Not everyone is for fake grass installation. However, if you are mindful of the lesser time you need for maintenance and fast home appeal results, fake grass installation may be the right step to take to keep your home looking clean and well-kept.

Apart from this if you are interested to know about Artificial Grass for your Home then visit our Home Improvement category.

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