Most affordable electric skateboards

We compared and reviewed the most affordable electric skateboards. Below are our top picks for e-skateboards under $550 and a buying guide.


E-skateboards have become a rage lately. They are great for commutes and offer a lot of fun for both adults and children. If you are just starting out, however, it is not difficult to find the best electric skateboards.

Although electric skateboards were once regarded as expensive, the market is becoming more competitive and affordable.

This guide will help you find the best electric skateboards for under $100 that still offer solid performance and features. You’ll find the top 10 picks, along with a detailed guide that will help you choose the right product.

1. Skatebolt Tornado II

The Skatebolt Tornado II is the top of the list. The Skatebolt Tornado II, a longboard-style electric skateboard, is renowned for its speed, comfort, control, and range.

This board was tested over a period of three months and covered more than 120 miles. It kept surprising us in every way possible. In real-world conditions, we were able get 18.2 miles range at a speed of 15.2 MPH. We also reached the top speed of 25.2 mph.

These stats speak for themself. This electric skateboard offers unbeatable value. This board is unmatched in terms of value and performance.

These trucks are made of steel and are sturdy and reliable. They also have cushioning bushings that effectively eliminate speed wobbles at high speeds. The board’s 90 x 52mm PU wheels make carving feel effortless. It also has powerful hub motors that can propel it to acceleration speeds of up to 2x350W.

The board weighs in at 19 pounds and is heavy so don’t carry it around. It feels amazing when it’s on the board.

You can customize your ride with the four adjustable speed and brake modes. As you become more familiar with this beast, you will unlock its full potential.

The ability to adjust your braking force is a crucial part of e-skateboarding. Unfortunately, many boards don’t have it so Skatebolt deserves a big shout out for including it on their Tornado II.

This is the best type of skateboards that you should buy if you are looking for the best hardware and specifications and don’t mind the slight weight.

2. Maxfind Max2 Pro

The Maxfind Max2 Pro electric skateboard is the most affordable and best for campus riding under $500. The Maxfind Max2 Pro has a 600-watt motor that can reach speeds of 20 mph and offers three riding modes. This electric skateboard is great for both beginners and experienced riders.

The Max2 Pro’s lightweight makes it extremely portable, and the high-quality battery with regenerative brake design can still get you up to 15 miles per charge.

The Maxfind Max2 Pro is not only highly efficient but also beautiful to look at. You will be drawn to the captivating, diamond-like pattern of carbon-fiber on its bottom.

Maxfind uses a smart PVC grain to cover the deck. This deck is made of a strong composite plastic and Maxfind does not use regular grip tape. It has all the same benefits as regular grip tape, but it doesn’t leave annoying scratches on your clothes and arms when you carry it. The deck is not flexible so it will work best in good road conditions.

The Maxfind Max2 Pro has an ergonomic Bluetooth remote which allows you to switch between three riding modes. It also holds an IP65 rating, which means that it is highly protected from dust and water.

The Max II 45-degree Max II trucks, which are custom-designed for maximum enjoyment, are a joy to behold. They are extremely smooth, provide shock absorption, and are stable at high speeds.

The Maxfind Max2 Pro is a great choice if you are looking for something very efficient and with a lot of bang for your buck.

3. Ownboard W1S

This electric skateboard is under $400 if speed is your priority. The top speed is 25 mph and it has smooth acceleration. The W1S doesn’t skimp when it comes to other features, such as a great battery or riding modes. The Ownboard W1S is the perfect choice if you’re comfortable riding at high speeds, or expect to be so.

Let’s start with the motor and battery. This electric skateboard features a dual brushless hub motor with 250 watts each and a Samsung lithium-ion batteries. The battery charges when you brake. It takes about 2-3 hours for the battery to charge up when it’s time for you to plug it in. The battery can provide a range of 9.5 to 12 miles depending on how heavy the rider is and what the weather is like. Speed is also affected by the three modes. The beginner mode gets you to 12.5, while the intermediate mode takes you to 18.75 and the proficient mode takes you to 25 mph. All modes have a 25-30% incline rate. You can view settings such as battery level on the wireless remote’s LED display.

This board is strong in construction. It comes with a PCB housing that is waterproof and ceramic bearings. It weighs 17 pounds, and can hold 265 lbs. The deck has 2 layers of bamboo and 6 levels of maple. The PU wheels are “highly elastic”.

4. Hiboy S11 Budget E Skateboard

Hiboy S11 is a great budget e-skateboard that’s perfect for kids and beginners. You can choose from 4 riding modes to increase your top speed up to the maximum speed of 12.4 miles an hour.

Hiboy S11’s main selling point is its slimness. It weighs in at 7.94 pounds and is ideal for those who need a portable solution. It is almost like an electric penny board, as it measures only 29 inches in length.

Unfortunately, the Hiboy S11 is not very reliable in terms of range. A single charge can only take you about 6.2 miles. This is sufficient for kids looking to have fun and commutes that are short. It’s okay to run out of battery. The battery is easy to transport and can fit perfectly into a backpack.

This board comes with a 12-month warranty from Hiboy, which is incredibly solid for its low price.

5. Blitzart Mini Flash E-Skateboard

The Blitzart Mini Flash might be the right choice for you if all of the boards we have discussed so far seem cool, but are out of your budget. This is a top choice for an electric budget skateboard because of its great construction, battery and motor system, and lightweight body. This Blitzart is a great choice for beginners who are concerned about speed and those who want to buy an electric skateboard to keep their kids safe.

The 250-watt brushless hub motor powers this electric budget skateboard. Although it sounds a little low, the board can still travel up to 8 miles per charge and can easily reach 10 mph. Although the official specs state that the board can travel 12 mph, reviews suggest that this is not the case. It takes 2.5 hours for the lithium-ion battery to fully charge.

The wireless remote allows you to control the board’s acceleration, deceleration and reverse. It also allows you to switch between beginner and advanced riding modes. This board is great for regular skating, even though it has a motor that can be turned off. However, the manufacturer warns against tricks.

This cheap electric skateboard has a sturdy construction. It is made up of two layers of bamboo and five layers of maple wood. Premium grip tape completes the package. It is flexible and strong. It can hold up to 250-270 lbs and only 9 lbs. It measures 28x9x5 inches. You can ride right away because it comes fully assembled. Blitzart products come with a 3-month limited warranty.

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