You Should Stop Making These 12 Jewelry Mistakes

As a New York Jewelry Wholesaler, we assume you’re making mistakes with your jewelry that we wish you weren’t. It could be a lack of time or poor habits, but it’s more probable that you don’t have enough knowledge to identify the issues.

So, for your own sake, we’re here to help you remedy your blunders by outlining the top 12 jewelry mistakes and how to avoid them. They will save you time and money while keeping your jewelry (and you!) looking beautiful.

Let’s get this party started:

Understanding the Materials Used in the Making of Jewelry

When buying jewelry, you should always be aware of the materials used. If the seller does not specify the materials, the designs are likely not made of silver, gold, rose gold, or other precious metals. If you are unsure, always ask before purchasing, especially for higher-priced items.

Dressing in the Same Jewelry Every Day

Even we understand how easy it is to get into the habit of wearing the same outfits every day and rarely changing them. However, it is a bad habit to break for a few reasons.

First, your ordinary jewelry will become filthy in places you cannot see or in ways you may not realize because the alterations gradually occur. This is especially true for stud earrings since the portion is buried behind your ear lobe, collecting chemicals from your hair wash and perhaps leading to infections.

Failure to Be Creative With Jewellery and Accessories

Related to suggestion number two: don’t be dull!

When the seasons change, it’s great to experiment in front of the mirror with different outfits and accessories, especially semi-precious gemstone jewelry. Please make a note and be as creative as possible with combinations, so you remember to switch it up when getting dressed for work or on different occasions.

Not Washing Your Jewelry

As previously stated, this is a significant one. Many do not clean their jewels regularly, assuming at all. It’s easy to ignore general grime and tarnish buildup, but it’ll be visible to others.

Applying Inappropriate Jewelry Cleaning Methods

While making an effort to clean your jewelry is preferable to not cleaning it at all, not all cleaning procedures are created equal, and some may permanently harm your valuable items. So be cautious!

While Swimming or Showering, Wear Your Jewelry

There are several reasons you should not wear your jewelry in the water.

For starters, it’s easy to misplace your pieces, especially when showering. If the thought of your valuable gold ring falling off and going down the drain makes you nervous, don’t take the risk. Instead, create the habit of putting your jewelry in a safe place while showering.

Improperly Storing Your Jewellery

Avoid putting your jewelry in places with high humidity, such as bathrooms. Sterling silver jewelry, in particular, will tarnish faster in humid environments, necessitating extra cleaning time.

Not Clasping Necklaces After Removing Them

Related to number 7, you should always secure your necklaces when taking them off to avoid tangled chains that can be difficult to separate. As a jeweler, I spend a lot of time untangling chain lengths, and I can promise you that it’s not fun.

Buying Jewelry Without Considering the Ethics Involved Tarnishes, Yet

We’re particularly fond of this recommendation because jewelry may be an ethical dilemma (and we honestly want to be as ethical and environmentally conscious as possible.).

Purchasing Jewelry from Low-Cost Retail Chain Stores

We aren’t naming any names, but you’re familiar with the types of stores you refer to: they’re the major jewelry chain stores in many shopping malls and online, and they promise a world of nostalgic brilliance for a small price.

You Are Not Selecting a Necklace to Suit Your Neckline

Instead of wearing your favorite necklace or pendant with practically every outfit, consider the various types and lengths of necklaces to complement different necklines. You’ll discover that it adds interest and style to your clothing.

Not Determining Your Ring Size Before Shopping

Not knowing your ring size will only lead to frustration, delays, and maybe more costs; it’s best to avoid buying rings. Take the time to determine your ring size and understand the issues.

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