The types of the Visa for Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is one of the most amazing places to visit in the world. The azerbaijan e visa has introduced many types of the  visas to promote the tourism industry in the country. There is a separate tourism body to implement tourism in the country. There are new ways implemented by the State Tourism Ministry to promote the tourism industry and introduce new ways. There are many types of the Azeri visas and you need to fulfill all the azerbaijan e visa. 

 The types of the visa are for a specific purpose, applicants need to understand the purpose of each kind of the visa. The azerbaijan e visa is one of the most exciting visas around the world. You can even get it in a matter of minutes, if you are providing all the documents.The asan e visa azerbaijan makes the process smooth as it is totally online for the people of 90 countries around the world. The Azerbaijan visa policy is not restricted as it is welcoming the people around the world.

Types of Azeri Visas:

The Azerbaijan e visa is available for various and their length can be extended for 3 months to 1 year. During that period of time we can apply for single entry and double entry visas. The asan visa is a simple and fast visa for processing.

There are following type of the visa:

Business visa Azerbaijan:

The azerbaijan e visa is available for the business person, but you need a company letter for getting an Azeri visa. This type of visa can be processed by providing the valid passport and email ID. There are great opportunities to invest in the field of oil and gas, and in various areas of tourism. The Construction industry is growing thick and fast along with the hoteling industry in the country.

Students visa Azerbaijan:

The Students visa Azerbaijan is open for the students, you need to provide the admission fee letter to get the visa for the students. The Azerbaijan e visa for the students is easily available for the students. The students come to Azerbaijan from various countries to get degrees in the field of Engineering and MBBS.

Diplomatic visa Azerbaijan:

Visa requirement for Azerbaijan for diplomatic Azeri visa is available for the people only associated with governments around the world.  The asan visa for diplomats is possible only in a matter of hours on the special request of a government. The diplomatic visa is only available for the diplomats and the embassy person. The Azeri government wants to establish cordial relationships with the countries around the world.


The Asan visa has been introduced by the Azeri government and it is their priority. Azerbaijan travel is full of adventure and thrill as you can visit many places like Baki fortress, the Maiden tower of Baku, The Walled city of Baku etc. Travel to Azerbaijan is full of excitement. You need to fulfill all the  visa requirements for Azerbaijan for making the process more smooth and exciting. 

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