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10+ Continuous Delivery Tools to Consider

Jenkins Pipeline provides a set of tools that can be used for modeling delivery pipelines ‘as code.’ Jenkins implements the pipeline using DSL (Domain Specific Language). It is one of the widely used and best CI/CD tools as it is open-source and has existed for a long time. You may learn more about the Jenkins tool with the aid of this Jenkins Tutorial. This list includes the best 14 CI/CD tools that are currently the most popular in the market.

  • It is a high-scoring Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) project covered by the Apache 2.0 license.
  • Jenkins vs Travis vs Bamboo vs TeamCity blog compares the differences between the four best CI/CD tools.
  • It builds deployment pipelines to run system and integration tests, manage servers, and keep track of rollouts.
  • This basically replaces the functionality of tools like Chef and Puppet.
  • It allows teams to rapidly iterate, test, and deploy software in an Agile world.
  • Continuous integration is when each newly created part of the app is integrated into the existing one, carefully tested, and moved to the next stage.

There’s quite a bit of potential for improvement here, but at the moment your effort would be better spent somewhere else. Popular projects have hundreds of dedicated engineers bringing diverse experiences to a world-class product. A quick search for Continuous Delivery tools will turn back a long list of companies that literally have CI (Continuous Integration) in their name… not CD. In this article, we’ll look at the best CI/CD tools on the market, what each one does, and what makes them so valuable.

GitLab CI/CD

Your new environments will be more streamlined, and devs will have a much lighter workflow. Oracle allows developers to easily pull and push Docker images using the standard Docker CLI and API. The tool’s powerful CLI can also help you complete tasks, and its ci/cd monitoring built-in automatic updates (paired with data protection) help you keep your code safe and up-to-date. Now known as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Registry, Wercker is a container register service used to store, manage, and distribute container images.

What are some common CI/CD tools

The Docker engine also takes care of the resource management for each container. Resource limits can be managed in a way that not all resources offered by the host machine are consumed by a single running container. This makes it possible to run multiple instances of multiple applications on the same machine. If the compilation steps are required, they are specified as well.

Proceed with Caution – AWS CodeBuild/CodeCommit

GitLab is a GitHub competitor with a CI/CD offering that automates code building, testing, and deployment. This platform offers many tools for all kinds of tasks, and all work together seamlessly. GoCD is a free, open-source CI/CD server that automates build, test, and release processes. The tool also features enterprise add-ons and even built-in value stream mapping tools. It gives you reliable delivery pipelines to build, test, and deploy applications and websites. This tool emphasizes ease of use and accessibility, making Buddy simple to slip into your existing workflows.

What are some common CI/CD tools

Each category of Continuous Delivery tools could fit a specific need. Open-source tools work well for smaller engineering teams that don’t need robust governance or a new tool bill. Platform solutions help transform the entire software delivery process and are great tools for enterprises concerned with security. Cloud deployment tools are a great option for companies hosted in one cloud.

CI/CD Tools Universe

This option is often the easiest because it offloads support efforts and costs to the vendor, making the organization entirely dependent on the vendor. There should be an adequate open source or paid option for most use cases, but it may be necessary to develop a custom tool in some ambitious projects. Developers can usually leverage existing software to assemble new tools.

What are some common CI/CD tools

We hope this list has provided the sufficient information you need to choose software that best fits your specification. The CI/CD tools mentioned in this list are the matured ones with the essential capabilities for your projects. Your requirements, existing infrastructure, as well as room for future potential and improvement, are the factors that will impact your final choice. As the ability of businesses to collect data explodes, data teams have a crucial role to play in fueling data-driven decisions. Yet, they struggle to consolidate the scattered data in their warehouse to build a single source of truth.

Features of GitLab as a CI/CD tool

GitStream is totally free, so you can bypass the finance guys and gals and get started improving straight away. Harness also eliminates manual deployments and scripting, with support for canary and blue/green deployments automated through AI/ML. Harness’s observability tools apply the same ML technology to logs and data to automatically detect defective implementations. CI/CD tools are a good way to automate tedious tasks devs used to do manually.

With it, workflows can be split, shared and reused across multiple containers. Continuous integration is when each newly created part of the app is integrated into the existing one, carefully tested, and moved to the next stage. Continuous delivery is when the developers build the project step by step, and each phase can be delivered to the customer at any time. With each commit or push in GitLab, you have the option to start builds, launch tests, and deploy code. Jobs can be created on another server, in a virtual machine, or using Docker containers.

Predictions and Trends in 2020: DevOps and Software Development

Weave Flux
This platform is among the continuous delivery tools used at the end of the CD pipeline. It helps developers make sure that configuration changes have propagated to the cluster. Travis CI
One of the top picks for enterprise development because of the enhanced level of security. The platform integrates perfectly with Lambda Test to streamline the process of DevOps testing across different browsers, platforms and environments.

What are some common CI/CD tools

This tool allows you to check data quality at each stage of project development with the help of regression testing and metadata-based testing, creating competent DataOps processes. FinalBuilder
A continuous delivery tool that allows for great automatization of your builds. It comes with 600+ pre-developed scripts and actions you can use for testing. BitRise
If your future solution needs a top-notch user experience, pay attention to this platform in addition to other CI/CD tools. It mainly supports programming languages used for mobile app creation and provides a way to make competitive solutions. AutoRabit
Consider this tool if you develop your app with SalesForce since AutoRabit perfectly aligns with it.

Cloud Provider CD Tools

It helps the organization of any size to implement Continuous Integration. Circle CI is a flexible CI tool that runs in any environment like cross-platform mobile app, Python API server or Docker cluster. This tool reduces bugs and improves the quality of the application.

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