Hiring a Python Developer? These 7 Mistakes Will Cost You

If you’re hiring a Python developer, there are a few mistakes you can make that will cost you time and money down the road. Be sure to avoid these seven mistakes when looking to hire your next Python developer!

1) Not asking the right questions

Hiring is hard, especially when you’re looking for someone to help build your company’s product. Being able to ask tough questions of applicants and sift through their responses can make all the difference. Before reaching out to candidates, spend some time thinking about what you really need from a hire; it might seem easier just to ask Do you know Python? but that approach may cost you in more ways than one. It’s much better to set up an interview structure with a few key goals—things like skillset, culture fit, comfort with remote work—that gives you an opportunity to dig deeper into each applicant. On top of being sure you have someone who will succeed at their job, you also want them to be happy at work—it makes for happy developers and better code!

2) Focusing on impressive education

Developing skills in advanced computer science is impressive, but it may not be enough to make you stand out as a candidate. In fact, you’ll want to steer clear of going overboard here, because more education doesn’t always mean more capability—especially when it comes to programming languages. The fact is that there are plenty of ways to learn how to program; just because you have 20 years’ worth of school and certifications doesn’t mean your peers do.

3) Ignoring core competencies

A core competency is a valuable skill or attribute that an organization, team, or individual has and that gives it an advantage over others. Hiring someone who doesn’t have your organization’s core competencies is like trying to build a house without wood; you might get lucky and end up with something better than wood, but you may also just end up with nothing. If you want to hire great people, make sure they have relevant skills and traits first. And hire according to your core competencies! Only hire Python developers if there are certain technical tasks or requirements for which only hiring a Python developer makes sense. And be clear about those goals when discussing them with candidates: For some tasks, we will need our developer to have X knowledge of programming in general, Y knowledge of JavaScript/HTML5 specifically, Z writing experience as well as other superpowers—is any of that a problem for you?

4) Overestimating experience with technologies

How can I hire a Python developer who will code exactly what I need, right away? Experience is important, of course. But being able to program in Python doesn’t guarantee they will build your project effectively. A seasoned coder can learn how to develop your platform—but someone new to coding might be more flexible and adaptable than you realize. Consider writing your hiring criteria so that it also takes some time to write code into account.

5) Failing to write test code

Quality assurance is an important part of any successful software project. Don’t rush testing; focus on it from day one, and hire experienced QA professionals. An experienced developer knows how to test thoroughly without breaking things along the way. This can be critical when hiring a Python developer. With hundreds of frameworks, tools, and options at their disposal, untested code means more opportunities for errors and mistakes to slip through.

6) Offering too little salary

The average starting salary for a Python developer is $72,000. And while that might sound like a lot of money, it’s certainly not enough to hire someone right out of college. Startups often offer entry-level candidates salaries as low as $50k—and those companies don’t even have an established track record or product yet! If you’re looking to hire someone fresh out of school, prepare to pay at least 75k and up.

7) Being unclear about deliverables

Hiring a python developer is not just about paying for time but also receiving a working software. There are plenty of developers who will give you excuses about why your website is not done, and that it should be ready tomorrow. Instead, you should be clear from day one on exactly what you expect to receive, so that both sides understand what they need to do. When hiring a python developer, it is important to be transparent from start so there are no surprises later on.

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