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Benefits of Permanent Recruitment over Contract Staffing

If one is an engineering, IT, or programming professional, one can work as a permanent employee or as a contract worker. This depends on whether they are hired as contract staffers or under permanent recruitment. While both have advantages, being a permanent employee far outweighs the advantages of contractual work.

Before discussing some of the main advantages, here are common misconceptions about the differences between permanent and contract work.


One of these misconceptions is salary; many people believe that a contract worker, one will earn more than a permanent worker. This is occasionally true, but it is not a hard and fast rule. Furthermore, their earnings will increase over time because they will spend less time away from work, they may receive more benefits, and it may be easier to advance their career.

Another myth about contract work is that it is more flexible, but time and agility issues can hint otherwise.

Benefits of Permanent Working

Here are some reasons why a permanent contract is preferable to working as a contractor:

Employee Benefits

Contractors should have the same rights as permanent employees in most cases. However, the reality is more complicated. For example, to join a workplace pension scheme, one may be required to work a certain number of hours per week.

Opportunities for Professional Development

Permanent positions have more advantages when it comes to professional growth. In permanent web based recruitment software, one will have more opportunities to advance their career. This includes opportunities for upskilling and other training to refine and enhance skills. One can also take on more responsibilities to gain more experience.

It is simpler to pursue a career path.

One is more likely to find a more straightforward career path in a permanent position because there will be more opportunities for advancement. Following on from the previous point

Job Safety

One will have long-term job security as a permanent employee. This relieves stress and makes it easier to plan ahead of time.

Income Protection

Following the previous point, having job security implies having income security. After all, as a contract worker, one may have periods when they are not working and are between contracts. This does not occur if one is a permanent employee.

Work instead of looking for work

As a contract worker, one must spend time job hunting, especially as the current contract ends. Instead of job hunting, as a permanent employee, one can continue working, earning, and advancing their career.

Credit becomes more accessible.

As a permanent employee, one may find it easier to prove their income in some situations. This can make it easier to obtain a mortgage and other forms of credit and give access to better credit deals.

Boost CV

Some employers place a premium on commitment and loyalty when evaluating potential candidates. Being a permanent employee demonstrates commitment and dedication. When one is a contract worker, this can be more difficult to show on the CV or in an interview, especially if one moves around a lot.

Being a part of a Team

This should not be overlooked because being a part of a team can make employees feel more valued and satisfied with their careers. Work is made more enjoyable by the camaraderie of being part of a team.

There are some of the benefits of working as a permanent employee.

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