Classy Polo Mallet Bracelet for polo lovers

Polo is one of the most fascinating and exciting games. Many people love to watch it and then there are others who are fond of playing the same. In order to play well, you not only require regular practise but a tool as well. The tools not only add an extra edge to your game but can make a big difference too. This is the reason that you should choose the tools wisely. One such tool which is the first choice of the players is the Polo Mallet Bracelet. As the name indicates, it is a bracelet which can be worn on your hand and the game can be continued. It is a flexible bracelet and very useful as well.

The mallet bracelet is quite an interesting thing. If you are eager to know more about this bracelet then this is certainly the right place for you. So let us get started.

What is a Polo Mallet Bracelet?

As you know that a polo mallet is also called the polo stick consists of three segments. The first is the head, then the handle and lastly the stick. The stick is held in your hand and you can play your game. A lot depends on the kind of stick you pick as it needs to be comfortable as well as flexible. The head of the stick is around 9 ¼ inches in size. Usually the head is designed using hardwood as it is a good material and durable too. But today there are other materials which are used to make the head of the mallet bracelet.

History behind the Polo Mallet Bracelet

The polo mallets have a long history behind. Earlier different kinds of leather or wood was used to create the head but today a lot has changed. Since several years special emphasis is given to the design of the bracelet keeping in mind the changing needs of the players. Long-time back the polo sticks used to be very rigid but today you have the soft polo mallets which are easy to carry and play as well. 

The new design of the Polo Mallet Bracelet is to ensure its wider application. Though everything depends on the player and the horse but still the polo stick can play a crucial role in winning the game. That is why you need to choose the stick wisely. 

So now you might be thinking as how you can buy the mallet for yourself or which is the right choice. If you too have similar questions in mind, here is a simple guide for you.

  • Difference in quality –The polo mallet can differ in quality depending on the choice of the player. Usually the ones made of hardwood are more preferable as it gives excellent outcome. Also it is the personal taste of the individual as which type of mallet appeals then the most. So quality is certainly a criteria you need to consider.
  • Dimensions of the mallet – The next thing you need to consider is the dimension of the head, handle and the stick. As already said that the size of the head can be somewhere 9 ¼ inches and can weigh around 160g. The stick length needs to be just perfect and it is 2 feet and 6 inches. The mallet length can vary from 50 inches to 53 inches. Make sure the stick is a bit longer to provide better grip. The dimensions can differ from player to player depending on their ease to hold the stick and play the game confidently.
  • Size of the mallet – A lot of people go wrong when buying the mallet because of the size. The right length of the mallet depends on your horse. If the horse is a taller one, go for the longer stick to be able to play well. Also too heavy sticks are of no use as it is difficult to hit and drift. That is why most of the women prefer light weighted polo sticks to be able to drift well in the right direction. So one needs to think about the length as well as the weight of the polo mallet.
  • Go for straight sticks – Once you know the length and weight of the stick, you need to ensure that it is a straight one. This means that the head should be in the straight direction of the stick. If it is bent, it can spoil your game. So if the stick is straight you will be able to swing it in a better way and easily keep an eye on the ball. So make sure that you have a balanced stick for your game to ensure complete enjoyment.
  • Holding the polo mallet – No matter what type of polo mallet you choose for yourself, the art of holding it can make a huge difference. It is something which comes with practise and once you are able to learn this art, everything will be perfect. So you first need to learn as how the stick is held or else the head can get damaged thereby affecting your game. So if the mallet gets twisted then it could be difficult to wing it properly in the right manner.
  • Stick should be firm – In order to hold the stick tightly, it needs to be firm. That is why most of the mallets have leather straps attached to it at the last to avoid any kind of grip issues. If you have a better grip, it becomes easy to play the game and you can be rest assured that you do not lose the grip in the middle of the game. Therefore this is yet another aspect you need to keep in mind.

With the help of the above guide you can definitely find the right way to choose your bracelet and make sure it works for you. The bracelet can be made of different materials like silver which is stylish and comfortable too. So ultimately it will be your choice as which kind of mallet will be ideal for you and your game both. 

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