Exploring Tirusulam Hills, Chennai’s Hidden Gem

The scorching summers are here, and nothing but a cold mountain breeze can be your excellent stopover to cool off after a hectic schedule. If you are a mountain person or a casual traveller just needing an escape from scorching summers, then Thirusulam Hills is your perfect abode. It is roughly a distance of 25 kilometres from Chennai and is a treat for the eyes. Getting there is even more convenient if you opt for a car rental from Chennai. 

What’s special about this place?

Tirusulam Hills, located adjacent to Meenambakkam Airport, is a lesser-known destination for nature aficionados in Chennai. The hills provide a picture-perfect view of the city, with its buildings, hillocks, lakes, and gorges on one side, and on the opposite side, aeroplanes set up over you. What a blend indeed, especially for those who love capturing the moments on their cameras.

Thirusulam Hills is also one of Chennai’s least-explored and most underrated areas. A journey of just 40 minutes takes you to this enchanting place truly embedded in the tranquillity of nature. On reaching you must be surprised how a gem so true could still be hidden. 

For nature and adventure lovers

Thirusulam Hills provides an oasis of opportunities both for adventure lovers and nature admirers. The Tirusulam stone quarry, located nearly an hour outside of Chennai, is one of the city’s best-kept secrets. It’s tough to get to the quarry since several approaches appear to be both challenging and exciting. Thirusulam has various lakes and quarries, which have served as a source of drinking water for inhabitants as well as quarrying and crushing facilities. 

Relieve your athletic spirit

Thirusulam Hills these days have become well-known among many sportsmen and sports clubs. It is common to see a considerable number of individuals, including runners, bikers, and skaters, begin to train on their weekends. Many individuals began utilising the stairs for exercise once they were built down on the approach to the temple path.

Other places to visit in Thirisulam Hills

The Tirusulam hills are an excellent destination for a road trip. It’s a thrilling journey with a spectacular view from the top. Begin your journey at home and travel to the Tirusulam hills.  The route includes several hairpin turns and breathtaking scenery. Flights take off and land at Chennai Airport, and suburban trains run from the top of the hill. On one side of the hill, there is a “Murugan Shrine”—a temple dedicated to the Hindu God, Muruga. 

A church may be found on the other side of the hill. There is also a mosque on top of the hill. The Thirusulam Hills offer a unique cultural blend with the mosque on one side of the hill and Lord Murugan temple on the other. The two sculptures are the most remarkable features of the hills, symbolising the cultural unity and harmony along with the aesthetic appeal. 

There are also stone mining areas, where there is a pond at the other end of the slope. There are numerous little lakes with turquoise waters, and a serene environment surrounds the hill.

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