How Delhi Became The Most Polluted City In India

The World Health Organization estimates that more than 1 million people may have died globally in 2012 as a result of air pollution, and over 100 million suffered from ill health. Visit the WHO’s interactive map to see your PM2.5 air pollution levels.

Air pollution is estimated to kill 6.5 million people every year—nearly one in 10 deaths in the world. Now, the 2018 State of Global Air Report has identified these cities as the top 20 most polluted on Earth, based on PM 2.5 data published by the World Health Organisation.

The air pollution map shows air quality in most polluted cities in India. We also provide real-time data for the world’s most polluted streets, historical pollution data and trending pollution levels by region. Get the app to enjoy clean air every day!

Check out the map for an accurate representation of particulate matter in the air. You can also see pollution index data on a day-to-day basis by checking out our AQI Data Table, or check out today’s highest and lowest indices across the globe

Real-time Air Quality Index readings are often based on hourly data, averaged over the entire hour. Figures shown here include: AQI (Air Quality Index), PM2.5 (particles / microns), CO levels (carbon monoxide) and Ozone.

In August, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reported that India’s air pollution had reached a “crisis” point — and now, air pollution levels in Delhi have only gotten worse over the past month. Since November 1, the city has seen a nearly 100% spike in the amount of small particulate matter (PM) 2.5.

Not sure the best time to visit to avoid the pollution? When is the pollution forecast at its worst? Our interactive site gives you a quick look at when different cities are seeing atmospheric conditions that will create air quality challenges. 

Indians looking to escape the smog are making it one of the country’s most popular tourist spots, yet it sees a fraction of the annual visitors to other big cities. Check out what makes India’s capital city so unique on Airfare-watchdog.

Next month, New Delhi is hosting a global climate change conference and some are wondering if air pollution could become the next “harmful effects of water pollution crisis” that slows progress on international agreements to reduce carbon emissions. As the world met at a climate summit in Paris last December, there was no mention of air pollution and how it’s straining public health systems and limiting life expectancy.

The thick brown, yellow, and sometimes even green blanket of smog that hangs over Delhi, India’s capital city, has been compared to everything from nuclear fallout to the  condition of Victorian England. No matter what it’s called, the air in Delhi is bad news for human health.

Delhi’s ranking as the most polluted city in the world can be a little misleading. When you look at WHO data on the number of deaths from specific diseases attributable to breathing in particulate matter, you can start to see why it’s so dangerous.

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