How to Check PF balance by missed call

It is important for every PF account holder to know the exact available balance in their PF account. You must know the balance that is accumulated through the small contributions made by your company into your PF account. Here, you can see the method to check PF balance by missed call. You will just have to give a missed call on a toll-free number to enquire about the balance in your provident fund account. This service is absolutely free and you can make use of it anytime. Now, you must see how to know PF balance by missed call. But make sure you will have to give a missed call through your registered mobile number to the toll-free number.

PF Balance Check through Missed Call

You can have the PF Balance Check through a missed call on the toll-free number. You will have to give a missed call to 011-22901406 from your registered mobile number. After giving the missed call from the registered mobile number to the toll-free number, you will get all the details about your provident fund account balance.

Details Received after the Missed Call

You will receive the following details on your registered mobile number after giving the missed call to the toll-free number:-

  • Last Contribution Details
  • EPF Balance
  • PF Account Number

In order to get the exact details of your PF balance, you should have an activated UAN number. If you don’t have an activated UAN then you must have to go through the UAN Activation process. On the other hand, your mobile number should be registered with your EPFO account. The Aadhar card and the PAN card must also be linked to your EPFO account. If you have all these things then only you can check the PF balance through a missed call.

If you want to download the EPF passbook then you cannot do the same through a missed call. You will have to make the UAN Login and download the passbook. The missed call service is available only for the PF balance check and not for downloading the statement. You will have to login into your EPFO account to download the EPF passbook.


Now, you know the process to check the PF balance through a missed call. All you have to do is to give a missed call to 011-22901406  from your registered mobile number to enquire about the exact PF balance. A message will be received on your registered mobile number having the details of the Provident Fund Balance and the amount of the last contribution made by your organization.

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