How To Make A Loom In Minecraft? The Step-by-Step Guide

What is minecraft?

Minecraft players are quite familiar with the crafting table. It allows them to make some of the most important items in the game. Another new item is on its way, but this time, it’s not a table, it’s a loom.

Material required

You will need two wood planks for the loom. Wood planks are crafted from one log, which can be obtained by chopping down trees. You can use any type of log to make your wooden planks, but keep in mind that some types are harder to come by than others.

For example, if you want oak wood planks, cut an oak tree with your axe and collect the logs. Then go over to a crafting table and place one log under the “logs” category on top left corner of the crafting area (to see it better). Then put two underneath the first row of categories starting at the top-left corner. Now you should have three items in this grid. Simply press “craft” and wait until you have your wood planks.


Crafting is a fantastic activity and can be used as a hobby for people of all ages. Today we will talk about how to make a loom in minecraft, which also allows us to craft loom.

To use the warp function on your loom simply right click with an empty hand.

Step 1:

  • First, use 2 string and 2 wood planks to create a loom
  • A crafting area that consists of 3×3 grids should appear
  • You only see one side of the crafting area
  • Put two string and two wood planks down in a 3×3 grid

Step 2:

Just for clarification, this is how it should look like once you have placed your items in the right place.

So let’s get back to business and tell you where you can find these materials. You will need string for the loom. String is dropped when cows are killed. If you want more than what they drop, simply kill more cows until you have enough strings.

Note: Also, consider breeding rabbits; they will spawn baby rabbits when they die which means that you can collect up to 4 raw rabbit (if not cooked) 16 string from a single parent.

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How to use loom and create something?

If we want to use this loom and create something, we need to go over to the crafting table again. First of all, let’s craft a wooden sword: Once you’ve crafted your wooden sword, hit some enemies with it until it breaks. Now simply use those same materials (two sticks and one ore) on the loom to recreate your final product, a new weapon.

Use of oak or birch

You can also use other types of planks like oak or birch instead of spruce for example and they look pretty cool as well. You can add wool to other items. This gives you a higher value of your product.

Zombie pigmen

One last way to obtain string from mobs without killing them is from zombie pigmen. Zombie Pigmen will always drop a rotten flesh, which can be placed on the loom instead of a string for example:

If done correctly, this will give you 2 strings using one material to craft another item while also saving you some money. It may not seem like much but every bit counts when you’re just starting out. You can use leather in this same way or if crafted into armor piece, leather armor gives the most protection per material used with little drawbacks apart from its looks.

Where loom is used?

The new Minecraft loom can be used to create banners that will let you show off your creativity and individuality. With these great new banners coming into play, Minecraft players are sure to have even more fun while playing their favorite game.

What does a loom do?

A new type of crafting table has been added to Minecraft the loom. Players can use this amazing machine to weave together different patterns and colors (using dye and banner) to create special and colorful banners for their houses. The Minecraft loom will let you show off your creativity and imagination to other players who visit your house, as well as give you access to all sorts of new designs that are sure to impress.

What can make with a loom?

You can use the Minecraft loom to combine different patterns and colors using dye and banners. There are lots of different patterns available 26 in total. Once you have used up all your materials, simply put the finished product on display for all your friends to see.

How do craft a loom?

Step by step guide

  1. To craft a Minecraft loom, start by placing two wooden planks into the top-left slot on your crafting table. Then, put a stick and a piece of string into the top-right slot.
  2. Now, you will need to click and hold down on the sticks and wooden planks until they turn into their finished product, a book and two sticks. Place these items in the slots.
  3. When you have done that, put an iron ingot into one of the three free slots on your crafting table (not the stick one).
  4. Finally, combine your wool, two red dyes and a colorless banner pattern with each other using a loom. When you place them together.
  5. The Minecraft loom takes up 12 blocks of space; it needs to be placed directly next to your crafting table.

How to move loom to inventory?

To move the loom to your inventory, you must target the item and click the “grab” option. Once you have crafted a loom, you need to move the new item to your inventory.

You do this by crafting a stick and putting it into the loom. When you do this, there will be an option to pick up the completed loom from the table! To make things easier, try using right click when opening your crafting table or golem’s GUI. This way it should automatically craft sticks if you don’t have enough of them already in your inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it easy to make loom in minecraft?

Yes, it is very simple and easy to make loom in minecraft. Just follow the instruction and you can do this easily.

  • Do people like this in minecraft?

Yes, it is very useful and people like it very much.

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