How To Make A Spyglass In Minecraft? Everything You Need To Know

Minecraft is an interesting game which people like a lot. In this game blocks are involved and interesting factor like construction of anything is involved.

Why do we need a spyglass in Minecraft?

Spyglass is used to zoom in on a specific location in the player’s field of view (FOV). The spyglass changes the FOV to 1⁄10 of the FOV set in options. If you right-click while holding it, it will zoom out your FOV. It has a zoom level of 11. It can be crafted with a glass bottle and an iron ingot. The pattern is shapeless:

Spyglasses have no crafting recipe, but they can be found inside some dungeon’s chests or crafted using an eye of ender and a glass bottle filled with glowstone dust. It works similarly to binoculars in real life.

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How to make spyglass in minecraft?

You just need six wooden planks and one iron ingot to create it. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Crafting Menu
  • Add Items to make a Spyglass
  • Move the Spyglass to Inventory

A spyglass is a handy tool because you can see far-away things up close. First, collect the items you need to build a spyglass to start this project.


Suppose you’re playing on “hardcore” mode, craft two spyglasses, as they have a chance to break when being used. Only craft one spyglass if you’re playing on normal or accessible mode. If you finish your spyglass and it doesn’t look anything like the ones above, try making them out of different types of materials.

Step by step instructions:

  • Telescope                
  • Sticks                        
  • Red dye

Try making your spyglass out of different types of materials.

Making of spyglass

You can make a spyglass out of glass by placing eight pieces of glass in the box. If you have dyed glass, it will make a spyglass with that color tint before being smelted together.

You’ve now completed your very own Spyglass. Now, hold RIGHT CLICK on any solid block to use it. You can move around using it by holding down LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and moving around. Get as close as you can to the thing you are looking at to get the best view. To find out about other users, unique items in Minecraft, go back to the crafting recipes index.

What is the point of a spyglass in Minecraft?

A spyglass in Minecraft is a handy tool for players to zoom in and out of their surroundings. It is a relatively new addition to the game, having been introduced in version 1.17. The spyglass is crafted using copper ingots and amethyst shards, which can be found deep underground or in geode structures.

The main purpose of the spyglass is to provide players with a better view of their surroundings, allowing them to spot distant objects, structures, or enemies. This can be especially helpful when exploring new terrain or searching for resources. Players can hold down the right mouse button while holding the spyglass to zoom in and release it to zoom out.

In addition to its practical use, the spyglass can add an extra element of fun to the game. Players can use it to observe wildlife from a safe distance or spy on other players. It can also be used to create interesting cinematic shots or to capture stunning in-game landscapes.


The formation of a spyglass is not a difficult task. It is as simple as just picking a thing from the surface. If you want to make a spyglass, then collect some copper ingots. Copper ingots can be obtained by melting the copper. Now mix the raw copper and the copper ingots and place them on a crafting bench. Add a piece of amethyst. Amethyst act as a lens. Now your spyglass is ready to use.                                                                                              

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to make spyglass in minecraft?

Yes, it is straightforward to make spyglass in Minecraft. You need to follow the steps and instructions correctly.

For which purpose spyglass is used?

Spyglass is used to zoom the image.

Apart from this if you are interested to know more about Loom In Minecraft then visit our gaming category.

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