Liners for the Lips are in Vogue Again!

Many people know that 90s makeup was all about dark lip liner and glossy lips. However, these trends soon went out like any other. People started to prefer lipstick and other advanced cosmetics. But the use of lip liner is again back in fashion. Now people use lip liner not only to outline their lips but to make them plumper. The lip liner is getting its heydays again as more and more people use it. Also, now the lip liners are more advanced compared to the 90s.

There are many types of lip liners in almost every shade. Moreover, the lip liner boxes clutter the shelves of the cosmetic shops. The popularity of lip liner rose as the trends for plump and fuller lips rose. Back in the day, lip lines were used to make dark outliners. But nowadays, it is used to make fuller lips. So lip liners have great use and rising popularity.

Liners for the Lips are in Vogue Again!

Tips to perfect lip liner:

Lip liner is not about outlining, but it requires expertise. Perfect usage of lip liner ensures perfect lipstick throughout the day. Lip liner helps to create a boundary that will prevent lipstick smudging and a neat look. Thus, you can get the perfect finish and long-lasting lipstick with the use of a lip pencil. Apart from making boundaries, many people go beyond their lip line to get plumper lips. For perfect plumpness, the usage of the lip liner is necessary. Therefore, lip liner is high in demand in the current makeup world. These versatile uses are only possible if you master the technique of lip liner. Here are some tips and techniques for perfect lip liner:

Even lip line for perfect pout:

Before using the lip liner, it is better to exfoliate lips. The application of lip liner can be difficult over flaky skin. Also, the application is much smoother and neat on the even canvas. So slough off any buildup with the help of lip scrub. You can only enjoy a good pout if the outline is drawn perfectly.

To exfoliate, you can use lip balm, Vaseline, or other mixtures. Let these products settle on lips and then scrub off with the help of tissue. Once all the dead skin is off, you can apply lip liner smoothly.

Matching with fitting lip colors:

It is necessary to select lip liners of appropriate color with lipstick. The best trick is to use a lip pencil of one shade darker. When lip pencil shade is deeper than the lipstick, it will give a better finish. For example, you have to use brick or maroon pencils for red lipstick.

First, select a darker lip pencil and outline the lips. Then blend this outline towards the center using the brush. When you apply lipstick now, the lip line will be neat. After applying the lipstick, dab it for a soft and light look.

Matching with fitting lip colors:

Mastering the application method:

There are many ways to use a lip pencil. Many use lip pencils to fill out lips so that liner works as lipstick as well. Also, it can be used to go beyond the actual lip line to make fuller lips and enhance lip shape. The lip pencil might be used to make a simple boundary so that lipstick fills in neatly. However, no matter the style, the methods of use of lip pencils are important.

The best way to form a clear outline is to start at a cupid bow. Make an X shape at the cupid bow, then extend the outline to the edge. Fill in the edges for a perfect look. Now you can either fill with lipstick or finish off with the liner.

Complement Rest of the Makeup with Lip Color:

If you want your lip liner to stand out, the rest of the make must complement it. Lip makeover is the final determinant in makeup. Also, it can influence the overall look of the person. Therefore, make sure that the rest of the makeup matches the lip color. It is better to go with light and natural makeup with bold shades. However, if you are wearing subtle lip colors, try to make to rest of the makeup sharp. Also, the color should be contrasting, like do not try to contrast two unmatched colors.


In conclusion, lip liners are currently in high demand and are must-have cosmetics. These are necessary for a perfect lipstick day. The markets have a clutter of lip liner boxes, these are available in versatile styles and shades.

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