Norton Antivirus Vs Kaspersky Antivirus – Which one is best for you?


Now a days, Internet is not a choice, it has became a necessity. We all use Internet and increasing with Technology, we all know the risk of data leak has also increased. For that you need a great antivirus for your PC to fight against the unknown malwares. 

So, here in this article, we are going to discuss about the very detailed comparison between the Norton Antivirus And Kaspersky Antivirus. Both anti-virus programs are effective at preventing malware attacks, but there are a few differences between the two. Let’s check them out!

Main Differences & Comparison between Norton Antivirus And Kaspersky Antivirus

Dashboard Interface

Kaspersky is designed for users who are not computer literate, while Norton has a more sophisticated interface geared toward more advanced users. Both have a user-friendly interface and easy access to all the major options. While Kaspersky starts out as a free version, it will eventually cost you to purchase the program. Nevertheless, the software updater is a helpful feature, as it will discover any security patches that are missing.

Antivirus Features

The biggest difference between the two antivirus products lies in the features. The first is much more sophisticated and protects your personal data. The second has a more user-friendly interface, which makes it more user-friendly. Both have several security features, including an identity theft protection tool and a good parental control system. Both programs are cross-platform, which is great for families with children. They can also be used on Android and iOS devices.

Compared to Kaspersky, Norton offers more features and is more user-friendly. Although both products offer excellent anti-malware protection, Norton is a bit more popular option. The free version is more popular than its paid version, but it is still not free. It costs about $17. In comparison to the premium version, the latter is slightly more expensive. The premium versions are usually bundled with other security features.

In terms of features, both Kaspersky and Norton offer basic protection from malware threats. The latter offers more advanced features and less limitations, but it requires you to pay a premium subscription. If you need the most comprehensive protection, it is worth investing in the Premium version. This version is also more expensive than the free version. Available features and price point are the main differences between the two products.

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Virus Protection

The basic scan modes that both offer are similar. Both offer virus protection and identity theft protection. Both programs offer additional scans for added protection. Kaspersky has a vulnerability scan, which checks the system and apps for updates. While Norton offers a lot of different features, it is easier to use and offers a better user experience. It also supports many different operating systems. Those who prefer cross-platform compatibility should opt for Kaspersky.

If you are concerned about malware attacks, both programs will protect your computer. The best choice depends on your specific needs. If you’re concerned about security risks, Kaspersky offers a full-featured solution. The price is comparable to that of Norton. The free version is better for people with low computer skills. The premium version is more expensive, but it comes with extra features. You don’t have to worry about malware.


When it comes to performance, Kaspersky is the winner. The antivirus program has a better overall performance, and is much more affordable than Kaspersky. However, the software may not be as effective for those with a smaller budget. It is also less effective at blocking malware infections, which is especially important with the proliferation of phishing sites and instant messaging applications. The free Kaspersky version does not allow the user to download or install additional programs or utilities, but it does not have any restrictions.

Backup Facility

Both programs offer offsite backups, but Kaspersky does not. It stores backups in an account at a Dropbox website, which is not a secure location. Using an offsite backup is a better idea than storing the files on your computer. The security suite is more secure, but it isn’t free. You should consider its performance. Ultimately, the product should be better for your needs.

Price & Subscriptions

Kaspersky is more expensive than Norton, but it has more features. The main differences between the two antivirus programs are based on the number of malware detection tests. While Kaspersky offers a free version of its product, it doesn’t offer it. The free version does not offer this feature. It will need an extra fee to protect your device. In addition, Norton has more protection than Kaspersky.

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Now we hope that you can easily decides that which antivirus you have to purchase. Cleaner Suite also mentioned in their article that they both provides free trial of 30 days, so you can definitely download and use both for free!

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