The 8 Best Junior Drum Sets For Kids 2023

If you’re looking to get your child into music at an early age, electronic drum sets are a great way to do so, especially if your little one doesn’t want to deal with setting up actual drums and cymbals in the corner of the living room! While kids of all ages can use these, this list will only consider junior drum sets. With that said, here are the 8 best junior drum sets for kids!

1. Remo LX5 Electronic Drum Set

While it may not have all of the bells and whistles that more expensive electronic drum sets have, it does come with 40 preset drum beats for you to choose from. The Remo LX5 Junior Drum Sets are one of the best options for kids who are just beginning to play drums and want an electronic option that will give them hours of fun.

Some Of The Specifications:

  • The drum heads on its pads are made from Remo’s Smart-Sensitive technology, which means they’re quiet and give great rebound when struck.
  • The LX5 can be adjusted easily so that young children can play along without worrying about being overwhelmed by too many options.
  • Not only is it one of the most affordable electronic drum sets on our list, but it’s also one of our favourites!

2. Maple Drums V-Pro Electronic Kit

Maple Drums V-Pro Electronic Kit is one of the best junior drum sets you can get for your kids. Maple Drum always comes first if you are looking for the best junior drum for kids. This product is a perfect gift for your kid’s birthday.

Some Of The Specifications:

  • This kit also includes a pair of drumsticks, a pair of headphones, and an adjustable stool. There’s also a metronome to help children learn to time.
  • All the drums connect to each other through MIDI cables. The kit comes with three 12-inch tom drums, a 14-inch crash cymbal, a 16-inch floor tom, and an 18-inch ride cymbal.

3. KickPort KP1

The KickPort KP1 is one of those drum accessories that are pretty hard to describe. Like a backbeat, it’s not really a must-have (unless you’re getting a lot of spills from your kick drum), but also not something that should be overlooked.

Some Of The Specifications:

  • It adds dimension and depth to your sound, which makes it perfect for adding some power to your performance without having to lug around an extra piece of gear.
  • It works by attaching to any standard drum kick pedal and then clipping onto your bass drum head. This design allows you to use a footswitch or aux input in order to activate the port while at play – making it very easy and convenient, especially when you’re playing live.

4. Vintone Mini Electronic Drum Set

This junior drum sets from Vintone is one of our favourites on our list, and at only $150, it’s a great deal for kids. It features a set of lightweight drumsticks that connect to six electronic pads and can play several different pre-programmed songs, or you can switch them off and let your kid be their own DJ.

Some Of The Specifications:

  • This is an excellent choice for smaller kids who want an electronic drum kit they can take with them everywhere they go.
  • It’s easy to tune—which might not sound like much, but most drumsets aren’t tunable or have difficult tuning processes that are tough for little ones to handle.

5. Mapex Voyager Edge Series

This junior drum sets from Mapex is a high-quality, complete drum kit that comes with everything you need to get started. You’ll find 3 snare drums of different sizes (10, 12, and 14), a bass drum pedal, cymbals, and hardware.

Some Of The Specifications:

  • The tuning keys are easy to operate but hold tune well and feature ergonomic rubber grips for a nice comfortable touch.
  • The double-braced legs give it stability without taking up too much space on your bedroom floor and look really cool too!

6. Alesis Nitro Kit (Best Budget Pick)

The Alesis Nitro is an excellent option for kids, and it can be purchased for less than $200. It’s an electronic drum kit with high-quality sounds and onboard effects. The included foot pedals are something not usually found in other kits of its price range, but they do a fantastic job of adding to what you can play.

Some Of The Specifications:

  • The Alesis Nitro Kit is perfect for kids aged nine and up. It comes with everything you need to get started, including a drum module with 40 different kits and 385 sounds.
  • This 8-piece drum set can be played via USB MIDI in two different modes (basic or advanced), so it’s excellent for beginners who want to learn as they go.

7. Craviotto Compact Series Wood Snare Drum

The Craviotto drum set is a popular choice among children due to its small size. It comes with two crash cymbals, two hi-hats, one china cymbal, and one snare drum, making it an incredibly compact drum set.

Some Of The Specifications:

  • This junior drum set features six pairs of tri-lobes for maximum sound quality in a small amount of space.
  • A great 45-degree bearing edge for snare and batter sides heads for a better echo.

8. Fender Cyber Champ XD Series 5-Piece Electronic Kit

This is really a full electronic drum set and one of my favourite junior kits. It sounds amazing, and it’s incredibly versatile. You can use it to play along with pre-recorded music or you can plug in your own iPod to listen to your own tunes while you play.

Some Of The Features:

  • This kit features a 10-inch designer inbuilt speaker.
  • The kit comes with all sorts of accessories, too, including headsets, sticks, and an extra kick pedal.

A Final Note

Music is the food for the soul, and this is just not everybody’s cup of tea. Choose any of the drum sets out of 8 choices for your darling boy/girl to let them dive deep into the music ocean.

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