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The Four Types Of Kitchen Remodels

There are three basic kitchen layouts: L-shaped, U-shaped, and horseshoe. Each type offers specific benefits. For example, the L-shaped layout offers ample storage space, while the horseshoe layout provides more cooking space.

One-wall kitchens are space efficient.

According to kitchen remodeling professionals like those at RUPP Family Builders Portland Kitchen Remodeler Division modern homes offer the functionality and simplicity of a traditional kitchen without sacrificing living space. The single-wall design allows ample storage space and furniture without compromising floor space. It can also save on construction costs.

The space-efficient design of a one-wall kitchen makes it possible to include the refrigerator and a sink on one end, with the stove and oven on the other. In addition to the appliances, a one-wall kitchen can feature taller cabinets for additional storage space.

A one-wall kitchen is an ideal layout choice for spaces where a traditional kitchen would take up too much space. The single-wall design is also flexible and allows for a separate island for extra counter and storage space.

L-shaped layouts eliminate traffic.

Most kitchen remodel Portland designs have an L-shaped kitchen layout because it is adaptable and practical. . It eliminates traffic and makes it easy to incorporate dining and work areas. This type of design works well for small kitchens with limited space. However, this layout is not ideal for large kitchens or households with multiple cooks.

Running cabinets along two adjoining walls create an L-shaped kitchen. This type of layout offers more flexibility in positioning appliances and utensils. It is also great for entertaining. But it is difficult to create this layout in a small or compact kitchen. A breakfast bar or an island in a smaller kitchen may be a better solution.

Another benefit of an L-shaped kitchen is that it offers ample space for an island. It provides more counter and storage space and serves as a social space for the family. You can add bar stools to the seat to make this space more functional.

Horseshoe layouts are asymmetrical.

The Horseshoe kitchen layout uses three walls to house cabinetry and appliances. This layout is a great choice if you have multiple cooks in your household or if you would like a large space to work in. A horseshoe design also provides ample storage space.

In this example, the kitchen island and bar stools lean to one side while the ceiling is higher on the other. This asymmetrical layout causes disorientation for guests and doesn’t create a focal point. They installed a new island that provides additional seating and storage and gives the asymmetrical kitchen a sense of structure.

Another type of kitchen layout is the galley kitchen. This style is often used in studios and lofts. It’s an efficient design that uses every available inch. Plus, it eliminates the need for awkward corner cabinets, which add to the cost of cabinetry. In addition, peninsula kitchens can be converted from an L or G-shaped layout. Because they offer more clearance, they are an excellent choice for smaller spaces.

U-shaped layouts create a small breakfast nook.

A small breakfast nook can be created using a U-shaped layout. Unlike a traditional square or rectangular nook, a U-shaped kitchen layout can maximize space and serve several purposes. For example, a corner bench or window seat can create a nook with a small footprint that is also functional.

Despite its small size, a breakfast nook can greatly impact it when furnished with a striking color palette. For example, a striking picture or a bold color on the wall can instantly make the space look lively. Alternatively, the breakfast nook can serve as a cozy seating area or office.

A U-shaped kitchen can accommodate a kitchen island and still have room for seating around the perimeter. The U-shaped shape can be more comfortable by leaving space around the windows and cabinets. Some homeowners choose to have a banquette on the far wall, which adds comfort and reduces visual clutter. However, you can always replace the banquette with a space-saving bench.

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